Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Camper

Test Drive

DH was a happy camper yesterday. He's into fixing up old tractors (IH tractors for the most part) and finally got one done enough he could test drive it. He would have had it finished sooner, if we had had the money for parts sooner...but I held him back some, as I had to find the money. LOL

Since he's been cleaning up around here lately and taking some metal to the junk yard, I told him to use some of the money he was getting for the metal to get the last thing he was waiting on (some oil) so he could actually get it running and drive it around. He still has a few things to do on it, including paint, but I think he mostly has what he needs to finish it (least I'm hoping).

Course he has several other one's he is working on we will still have to come up with more money eventually, but least he finally has the first one he got to "play" with done.

1937 Farmall F-20

When he was given this first "toy" tractor a year and a half ago, by his friend, it needed a LOT of you can see in the photo above. LOL I seriously thought he was out of his mind...but I guess I just don't appreciate a "good" tractor. *snicker*

He has since gotten several more tractors to work on, and has been working on all of them as time allows. He still has a long way to go on the rest but he has a lot of fun with them, when he can tinker. I'm sure that will slow down, with warm weather here and so much to do...but he still has a little time most weekends to play, if not some during the week.

Test Drive

I'm happy he finally got one running so he could test drive it though. It makes him happy...and I guess that's all that really matters.

Now he wants to take it to some of the local tractor shows. *sigh* The "fun" never ends. LOL


  1. Boys and their toys! ;-)

  2. I Lllllove it! I want one!!!

  3. I plan on putting a seat on the drawbar, so you can ride in parades with me!

    1. ROFL....and then you woke up right?

      How might I ask, would I be able to take photos of you IN the parade, if I was sitting on the back of the tractor? Silly Hubby!

      I prefer to stay in the background...not be on display, so I think I'll pass, thanks for thinking of me though. :-)) LOL

  4. That's great! At least he has a hobby. Joe doesn't have any, and trust me... That's not a good thing. *rofl*


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