Thursday, March 29, 2012

Technology & Me

New Toy

I finally broke down and bought a MP3 player this week. My under-the-counter cd player that my wonderful hubby bought me years ago for my birthday has been trying to die on me for a couple years sometimes plays cd's...and sometimes doesn't. The past week or two it hasn't, and that's the longest it's gone at a time, so I figure either it's totally dead, or close enough it's time to move on. *sigh* LOL

As you can see, since this is my first mp3 player, I don't keep up with the latest technology...I love it, don't get me wrong...but it's not something I usually keep up with, cause we don't have the money to, guess we have far to many other more important things to spend our money on. This is also why I got one of the cheapest mp3 players I found, instead of spending the big bucks for the "name brand" stuff that costs WAY more than my little toy did.

New Toy

I also had to get a speaker to go with my player...cause I'm not fond of always having headphones on. I love the one I got, cause my player will fit inside it, and I can carry it around the house with me if I want, without any trouble.

I had a little trouble figuring out how to make "play lists" for my music, but did finally figure it out. I like several different kinds of music, but don't really like "mixing" them, so had to have one that would do play lists.

I grew up loving country music (prefer the older stuff now the songs I grew up with, haven't really kept up with what is out there now. LOL)...grew to love some soft rock, since hubby likes it...and now am enjoying some of the christian songs I've fallen in love with.

In fact, I'd like to find some more of the "christian" music, so if any of you reading this have some favorites please let me know what they are!! I'd love a list of songs (and the group singing them) if possible (in fact if there is a link on you tube so I can listen to it first give me that too!), but even just some of the groups I should look at would help. It may take me a while to grow my library of them...but would like to get a few here and there as I am able, so when I feel like listening to my christian play list, it won't repeat it's self quite as often. LOL

So...if you are a "Christian music" fan...what are your favorite songs?

I think one of my favorite's so far is still Highest Place by Desperation Band...but am loving several others, especially the following one. :-))


  1. I've never bought an MP3 player. But I do enjoy listening to Pandora on my phone, as long as I hook it up to my computer tower. Otherwise, that thing sucks the energy out of a phone like nobody's business. Although, not the case near as much, when I download songs from And then, I'm able to put the ear plugs in with my phone in my pocket while vacuuming. (Yeah, I know. The loud music.. but it's nicer than the loud vacuum noise!) LOL

  2. Good for you! I have not been brave enough to get an MP3 player yet. Afraid I wont be able to figure it out! I love the song you posted! It really touched me after my son and niece passed away.

  3. You're going to enjoy that MP3 player! I LOVE my iPod! I am ever so thankful I saved up my tip money to buy it. :D .... I am listening to it right now! :)


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