Friday, March 30, 2012

Plow Day

Plowing our Garden

Today was finally the day I got my garden plowed!! I've been wanting it done, but the plow my hubby has, needed something made for it so he couldn't use it. So, he talked to his friend and they planned on him bring his up when he had a day off...and of course when it was dry enough.

With the early spring, I've been pushing to get it done, so I could get a few early things in, that like the cooler weather. Finally today his friend had the morning he came to play in the dirt. As it turns out, he ended up not having to work this afternoon, so they were able to plow up some extra that Galen wanted done.

Disking the Garden

DH even managed to disk it some...although I think he is planning on trying to do it another time or two, before we plant anything.

I'm just happy it's done, ready and waiting for when we get around to planting.

They enlarged the garden this year...and I thought it looked pretty big last year, this year however it looks huge. LOL I wanted to plant a bunch more tomato's though, so needed the extra room.

I'm sure I'll be sharing photos of the progress of our garden again this year...that is if it does very well...just cause it still amazes me to see my garden grow. LOL

Course keeping the chickens out of it could be a we will see if anything survives to even come up. We really need to fence the garden in...maybe one of these years we will...maybe.

Looks like they got the garden done just in time...there is a line of showers headed our way, so if he had waited till tomorrow like he thought he might have to do they wouldn't have been able to do it.

In other news, DH told me this morning that Snowflake has milk we should be having a new calf in the next few weeks! Can't wait!! Love having new farm babies show up. Spring on the farm is so much fun...especially when there are new babies around. :-))


  1. Just when the ground was decent enough for plowing around here... we got a bunch of rain. LOL

    For some reason, most of the folks around here wait until June to plant anything. We've noticed that the past couple of years. I don't get it. But their gardens ARE, actually, making it through the fall... and with very few weeds.

    But I am, still, resorting to raised beds... unless I end up with a bunch of hands piling up here for help surviving in the future. And they better bring their garden gloves!!!

    1. Well yeah it's the end of May that they say most things should be planted here...but I thought I'd try some of the cooler weather crops before then...especially with it being such an early spring. Not sure how soon I'll get them in, but hopefully in the next week or two.

      A guy on the edge of town already has things planted and up...but then he's been doing it for years and sells produce, so knows more about it I'm sure. LOL

  2. Enjoy planting your garden! Playing outside sounds soooo nice right now!


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