Saturday, March 31, 2012

Butterfly season is back!

Apple Tree all abuzz

Our apple tree is covered with blooms now, so I had to go see what I could get in the way of photos. There weren't as many bees as usual around it, but I managed to get a few with my camera...along with a butterfly! Love butterfly season!!

Hopefully this year I managed to find time to go butterfly hunting, cause I didn't last year. Least I managed one photo of one, before it flew off.

Apple Tree all abuzz

Maybe in the next few days I can get some more photos...we will see if the bees and blooms stick around long enough for me to find a good time to go visit with my camera again...that is IF a bunch show up...cause it's way easier to get some neat photos if there are a LOT of them buzzing around.


  1. *sigh* ... I really, really, really want some NICE weather so I can go play with my camera!!!!!

    Love the photos!

  2. Such beautiful flowers!!! I can not wait until we get more than a few days of pure wonderful sunshine!


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