Monday, April 02, 2012

Still Learning


Our cows are still teaching us things. Daisy, my favorite cow...the one I got for my birthday a couple years ago has been AI'ed three times now in the past year or so...and hadn't given us a calf.

The last time she was AI'ed was last fall, and DH somehow knew she FINALLY "took" that time. (I have no idea HOW...but guess he's in tune with his girls. LOL) She dried herself up a month or so after she was AI'ed, but she had been in milk for over a year, so we didn't really think much about it.

We finally today took her to be tested, and the Vet said that yes she was going to give us a calf this summer...maybe sometime in August. What got us to really wondering if she was or wasn't though was...DH noticed she was back to having milk a few days ago.

That seemed a bit strange to me...not totally strange, as she was a nurse cow, so with the calf around and Snowflake getting close to having hers, we figured one of them could be the reason, but we wanted to make sure that she wasn't closer than we thought to popping out her took her to the vet to be checked.

The Vet agreed that it could either be the calf is trying to eat on her, so it brought her milk back in...or, since Snowflake is getting close, she came back in, wanting to make sure the new calf had plenty to eat.

She is such a GOOD nurse cow...poor dear probably wished she was in milk when we brought Trinity home (the bull calf...who now has a name btw. LOL We called him Trinity...for the old Western called "The Man with No Name"...since he had no name forever. LOL)

So we have learned, that just cause a cow goes OUT of milk...doesn't mean she won't go back in without having a baby. Guess she just wanted to take the winter off! LOL

Course I think at the rate we are going, she may wish she wasn't going to have her baby in the heat of the summer...cause it's ALREADY HOT...and it's just the first of April!! It's been 90...or almost 90 the past several days! IN late MARCH...and early APRIL! That's just WAY to HOT! (Can I do any more caps and exclamation points to get my point across? *giggle*) IT'S HOT out there!

Thankfully it's suppose to cool off tomorrow...can't wait. I'd have had my air on, if it wasn't WAY to early. I hate to before June, although usually have to in May...but refuse to in April, unless there is just no relief in sight. LOL If we are lucky...cooler weather will slide in here tomorrow...just hope it doesn't bring a bad storm with it.

Anyway, just had to share that we KNOW Daisy is FINALLY suppose to give us another calf this year! It will have been just over two years since she gave us it's about time. LOL

Now...if we can just find out if Honey and Clover will...but they were AI'ed after Daisy, so think we will give them another month or two...or more, before worrying about checking them. I will be so excited if we find out Clover will be especially...since she was the first Girl calf born on our farm! :-))

Love our farm babies! :-))

P.S...Sorry for the LONG ramble, just to say that YES Daisy is finally pregnant! *giggle*


  1. Congrats on the upcoming babies!!!!! :)

  2. Ahhh congrats on the baby calf to be. I always loved watching our Cows grow big with their babies and then watching the babies do their mad calf zoomies in the yard. ; )

  3. Wow! You get some of the "Good stuff" that's mixed in with all the "Crazy Stuff" going on with the weather and all this year! Too cool! Just one question... what year will be the year that you go nuts over so many babies born at the same time? A woman with a bull calf needs to know these things... before she invests in a couple of heifers. LOL

    1. I'm not sure you can EVER have TO MANY babies...and besides, I'm pretty "nuts" as it is, so if I did, doubt you would notice. *giggle*


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