Friday, April 06, 2012

Early Lilacs

Early Lilacs

It sure makes me wonder what the summer is going to be like, with having such an early spring. The lilacs have already bloomed here! Hope this doesn't mean we have an overly hot summer!

It's cooled off this week though, I'm so glad we aren't up in the upper 80's like we were last week.

Getting ready for Garden season.

I still haven't gotten into the garden...DH still has to disk it again, and I've just not managed to get out much. Hopefully next week I can get some planted...if I can get him to disk it.

Time just flies by and I don't get enough done. I think I need to get back to making lists of things I want to get done...they help me keep at it sometimes. LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying spring! :-))


  1. Absolutely beautiful! And no worries about the gardening. I've been listening to all the crop reports, etc., and they're telling us not to be fooled by this weather when it comes to planting time. Anyone doing weed abatement right now will be the ones paying the price... when they have to rinse and repeat! LOL Happy Easter to the two of you!

  2. The lilacs are beautiful! Our spring flowers are just starting to bloom here. The dafodils are beautiful!


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