Saturday, April 07, 2012

Still a puppy

Little Red Rocket II

Peaches still loves to run aimlessly around the hayfield, when I take them for a walk to the top of our hill. She will be two this year, but I think she is still a puppy at heart! LOL I love watching her race back and forth to no particular place, just enjoying being out for a romp. :-))

Pestering the cat.

She is still kinda afraid of the cats though...but if they stay laying down in the grass she will try to bug them...without getting to close. She was running circles around this one the other day, back and forth out in front of it, around the yard and back. It was was kind of like she did with DH when he got on the ground to play with her when she was younger.

Playtime at bedtime is still usually on...although it doesn't last as long as it used to. She is ready for bed thankfully much sooner. LOL We used to have to end she usually ends it herself. I still get a kick out of the happy dash she does across the wood floors with a toy or ball in her mouth when she sees its bedtime. She is just to precious.

She sure knows how to enjoy life, and brings lots of joy and laughter to ours.

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  1. Such a cute playful puppy! :D


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