Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm so lucky!

I have a seriously SWEET hubby!

I count my blessings a lot around here, yes we have tough times from time to time, who doesn't...but I really am blessed through it all with a wonderful Man who loves me.

I have a seriously SWEET hubby!

He came walking in the other day with a fresh picked bouquet of flowers. I so LOVE this time of year, when we have flowers blooming from time to time and my wonderful Man thinks to bring some of them inside where I'm working so I can enjoy them too. I thought this bouquet was especially pretty with the purple and deep pink together. :-))

He is just SO SWEET!!!...

...but SHHHHH don't say it TO loud, we may ruin his reputation!!! *giggle*


  1. Oh, my goodness! Those colors are so gorgeous together! Galen knows how to put a bouquet together better than a lot of women!!!! LOL

    1. I totally agree! I actually suck at arranging flowers...and putting a pretty bouquet together so usually just plop them into the vase however...these I put in like he handed them to me, cause they were so pretty that way! :-))

  2. Those are so beautiful!!!!!


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