Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why didn't we do this before?

My kitchen

With putting the farm on the market, DH thought it would be a good idea to at least update the kitchen counter they all matched, instead of the mix and match ones we had before. Yes the mix and matched ones worked for us, for a lota years, but not everyone wants to live like a hillbilly. *giggle*

The cabinets could still use some tender loving care...but they will have to wait a while...or for the next owner, cause there is no way we can afford to replace them, but WOW...what a difference having a nice counter top has made for my kitchen!

Why didn't we do that before now I'd like to know? LOL Guess I've gotten used to having mismatched counter tops in our houses...although this house was the worst, I've always had mismatched counter tops in my home...for one reason or another.

My kitchen

I couldn't decide what color to get, when we ordered them, but DH talked me into this black (with white spots in it) and boy am I glad he did! I LOVE it!! I never would have thought I'd like black, but I do!

While we were at it, we changed out the sink...cause I want to take my wonderful old fashioned sink with me if we do end up moving. So now I'm stuck with this stainless sink...I miss my old one already. :(

But oh the difference the new counter top makes! I can't get over how much nicer it looks when I walk into the kitchen. *sigh* Yet another thing to make it harder to move...I'll miss my nice new counter tops...along with my pantry...and so many other things about this house that I love, not to mention the peacefulness of our farm.

In other news: Sunday our SIL and Niece came to help me make mints for another niece's wedding. Then the same SIL came back and stayed here the last couple days and helped me finish them up (between us helping DH get the counter tops in) I've got a BUNCH of mints in my freezer, ready and waiting to head to Missouri for a wedding! Yes it's a BIT early, but they keep good in the freezer, so that's ok. I just wanted to make sure they got done, in case I get busy with the garden and don't have time to mess with them later on.

Now I need to get my skirt finished up, and I think I'll pretty much be set for her wedding...for the most part anyway.

Now that we are broke from all the money we have spent in the past month or so (counter top isn't as expensive as I thought it might be...but it's not cheap) we gotta stop spending money, and just get busy with our garden and other things that need done around here.

I STILL haven't gotten into the garden...course it did turn cold there for a little bit...and we've had rain...but one of these weeks we will have to get out there, cause DH did get it disked and ready. Time just keeps flying by...and we keep busy with other things, so haven't managed to plant those cool weather loving items yet. One of these days...maybe...we will. (Finally deciding to put our farm on the market has kinda slowed us down around here on the garden...but it will get planted eventually.) :-))

I've also gotta get some more soap made...I've been kinda slow getting what I wanted made this spring done, but will have to get at it and finish up, so they can be drying. So many things to little time!

Speaking of time...I gotta run find something for supper. We had a good lunch, since our SIL was here and requested a certain dish, but still will have to have something for supper. Hope everyone is having a great week so's been a fun (and busy) one here! :-))


  1. The counter tops look wonderful! And I get the part about that sink, too! I want a Farm sink so bad! It's down on the list.... way down there. LOL We go pick up the boys tomorrow! And I think Dwayne's becoming more anxious and excited than me. He keeps going out to the barn.. as if there's something out there. Ha! Here's what you could do... start making plans for a new pantry that can be made to your liking... for your new home!!

  2. The countertop looks wonderful!!!

    I hear what you mean though. When we sold our house in Portland, there were things we had to get fixed before it sold. In two weeks time, Joe (and a friend of his) got a ton of things fixed... Things that had been driving me BATTY for TEN YEARS... And as soon as they were fixed, we moved. *rolls eyes* ... (Our house had an offer in less than 12 hours after putting it on the market!)


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