Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not the same...but still Beautiful


Years ago, I was told by someone that wisteria (which I had never seen before) was a lot like lilacs...and even smelled like them. Naturally since I loved lilacs, I put it on my list of plants that I wanted to try.

We found a wisteria "tree" a few years ago, which we thought might be kinda neat, cause it wouldn't need anything to climb on so we bought it. Turns out, we probably needed to do something to it, to keep it in a good neat tree form...but since we aren't the best "gardeners" we didn't know this, and it's kinda more of a bush now. LOL

However, in all these years we've had it, I've never seen it bloom! I always complained to DH that it was a waste of money and we should cut it out of where we put it, cause it never bloomed...least not that I saw. He told me he's seen it I told him he is suppose to tell me when that happens, so I can see it too. (duh!)

Finally this year, he remembered to tell me, so I had to go out with my camera and see what they looked like. It's no wonder I always missed the blooms, cause there weren't very many...and most of them were on the back side of the bush, where I can't see it from the house. LOL

I have to say, I was disappointed. Expecting to find something like a lilac, I found the blooms in the above photo instead...which to my way of thinking doesn't look anything like a lilac. The smell wasn't even close either, it was in fact almost stinky to my way of thinking. *giggle*

Don't get me wrong, it is actually really pretty...but when expecting another "lilac" looking plant, it's going to be a disappointment at first.

But...least I finally KNOW what wisteria looks like, and won't expect to much of it next time, so will be able to enjoy it's own beauty better. It would be really cool looking if it had more blooms on it. I do think next time we get one, we will do the climbing one, cause that would probably look nicer.

Purple Iris

I walked over to see my little iris too, they are still blooming...although do need thined out, so they will bloom more next year. Will have to see if I can get to that this fall, if we are still here, I seem to always be busy in the fall with canning and getting ready for winter.

I do love my spring flowers...even if they do tend to get neglected. :)


  1. Always wondered about those Wisteria trees. Love the vines. However - most people do the very worst thing by planting them to climb trees, which end up being murdered (choked to death) by the vines of the Wisteria. The only true way to enjoy the vines is to give them their own space - way out in the middle of nowhere... with a clotheline to ravish!

    1. yeah, I wouldn't ever let a vine climb a tree...cause I love my trees to much to want them choked to death. :)

  2. I've always thought they looked a lot more like giant sweet peas. I covet wisteria because I know it will never grow in SW WY.(I'm roughly at 7000 feet, zone 3-4, mostly 3. Your lack of bloom could be water related. Especially late summer/fall water. Wisteria doesn't really like to be dry - one reason you see it so prolifically in the deep, wet south. If you're still there, try once a week, good, deep, water this fall. Maybe you will have better bloom in the spring. I think this applies to the vining varieties as well.

    1. YES!!... that's what I was trying to think of, they DO look like sweet peas! Thanks for saying that, I was trying to think of what they looked like, but my brain has been fried lately, so couldn't think. Also thanks for the idea of deep watering in the fall...I will try to remember to try that!! :-))

  3. They are still pretty... Too bad there aren't any more blooms though. :(


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