Monday, April 23, 2012

Coconut Oil Winner!

Granola Bars
I haven't had a lot of time to try new things the past week or so, but did manage to make some raw granola bars with coconut oil to try. They were REALLY good!! I've been wanting to make a granola bar, but hadn't ever managed to, so this was a great one for my first one. I'll probably try some different kinds...but keep this one for sure in my saved file...cause we both loved it.

 In fact, I think my hubby is trying to hog them all himself, cause I forget they are in the fridge, and he didn't bother reminding me this morning. I finally remembered...cause I needed to get a photo of one for this post, so went to get one and got him one while I was at it...and then find he already had one on his breakfast plate. He said he WAS going to tell me, but but forgot everything once he bit into the granola bar...cause it was just SO good...yeah right, I wasn't born yesterday honey, you just didn't want me to remember they were you slowly eat them ALL! *giggle* 

 Recipe for the "granola" bar I made is here. They don't call it that...but I didn't add the protein powder to it, so wouldn't really call it a protein bar. 

So...anyway, on to who won the coconut oil giveaway! Andrea (The crunchy chemist)is the winner of the quart jar of Coconut oil from Tropical Traditions! I e-mailed you Andrea, reply this week and I'll forward your name and info to Tropical Traditions. If I haven't heard from you I'll have to choose another person next weekend. 

 Thanks to all who entered, and most especially for all the ideas I got in the comment section of the giveaway post! I got several new ideas to try, along with interesting tips I will have to look up to find out more info on them! Thanks so much!! :-))

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  1. They do look yummy!!! :)


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