Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Trip & First Offer

Another pretty Missouri Sunrise

We made a quick trip to my parents house in Missouri this week, we had a couple recliners sitting in our guest room for my niece, and needed to get them out of there so people could get in to see it, if they came to see our house.

I love watching the sunrise over there, and usually have to get a photo of it, if it's got any color at all. My parents do have a beautiful view of the sunrise! :)

We also wanted to look at a few properties over in Missouri, to see what was available at this time (not that they still will be if and when our farm sells) and get an idea of what we might be able to get, should we actually sell the farm. It certainly gave me a new appreciation for my house...cause finding one that has a large enough dinning room is probably going to be hard to do. LOL My dinning room set takes up a lot of room, but I needed a big set for all of my Grandmothers china.

I was hoping to find a house that didn't have to be added on to, to be big enough for all our junk...but if this round of searching is any indication, that's not going to be easy to do. There isn't really a LOT of properties for sale right now, over in that neck of the woods, with the right amount of acres that we can we will see what happens. God will provide what we really need, should he really want us to move.

The cool thing about the farms over there is a lot of them have ponds already! We'd love to have a pond, and always planned on putting one in here, when we could afford it...but hadn't managed to yet. There are also more wild blackberries and raspberries over hopefully if we do move we can find one with a pond and berries! Berries could make leaving my comfy home just a little bit sweeter! ;)

Speaking of our farm being for sale...we did get our first offer this week (which is what pushed me into wanting to actually see what was available over there). The offer was way to low, but thats the way it goes.

If God really wants us to sell, I truly believe he will find someone who is willing to get a bit closer to our asking price, so we have enough to buy another farm...I'm leaving our move in Gods hands, He knows what we should do better than we do, and makes for less stress on my part.  :-))

Needless to say...with being gone a couple days this week, I still didn't get into the garden. *giggle* Maybe next week? (Except it looks like it may rain several days so maybe not.) Makes me think I'll do anything to get out of much as I love the produce, I still don't love the actual gardening. of these days I'll get out there. :)

Gotta get busy now though, being gone put me behind in the house, so need to get laundry and some clean up done.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Hope you get another offer soon, that is closer to your asking price!!!!!

    God will provide. :)


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