Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weaning Time

Pacing the fence

Poor Trinity...he's pacing the fence today, wishing he could go back with Mom.  Today is the first day he's having to spend with the boys...and he's hungry for that milk he's not getting.  LOL  Even though it's raining off and on, he's still out in it, looking for a way to get back with Mom.

As long as he does OK, I'm sure looking forward to that extra cream we should start getting now that Trinity is being weaned!  Gotta stock up on butter, and that's hard to do with Mom holding her cream back for her adopted baby.  

With Spring butter being the best and most nutritious (from what I've read)...I've been looking forward to more butter even more than I would have been.  I want to freeze some of this spring butter for later months, so we can have that extra boost of vitamins now and then through the winter.

I do LOVE my fresh "pastured" gold, in the form of butter and ghee!!  

Although I do feel kinda sorry for poor I watch him run back and forth along the fence.  Thankfully in a few days he should be over the worst of it.  


  1. I got so lucky this first go-round. Both boys were already weaned! Have you seen those noseclips for weaning the calves? They were used on Bruce and Artist. Both seemed to have transitioned really well!

  2. Oh how I hate weaning time!

  3. Poor baby! They just don't get it!


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