Monday, April 30, 2012

Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet

While we were in Missouri at my parents house, I begged some old roosters from my Dad.  I was almost out of the broth I'd canned up from our thanksgiving turkey (we haven't used it to quickly...but am starting to more and more) and needed to make more.  We don't have to many older chickens, so I didn't want to use our own...hopefully we will get to where we can, but till then I knew my Dad had a LOT of thought I'd steal some of his.  *giggle*

I liked the idea of using home grown chickens, cause  they make for a healthier broth, and that way I could also throw the feet into the pot for added gelatin.  While that is kinda gross looking, it's something I at least wanted to try...after all everything will be boiled to death not to mention you will never know they were in there once I'm done.  

I didn't expect to be able to eat the meat, cause these birds were old and I expected them to be really tough...but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried a chunk of meat, cause it wasn't that bad.  I picked a lot of it off the bones, to be used for different dishes, and then put the bones in for another round of broth making.  Hopefully I'll get several rounds out of these bones like I did the turkey bones.  

We brought home 4 roosters (I planned on just two, but I guess hubby is loving the chicken dish I've been making every wanted to make sure I had plenty for a he grabbed 4.  LOL)  I'll be cooking up the other two later this week, once these bones get used up.  I do love having homemade broth/stock!  It makes things so much better than that store bought stuff I know whats in it!  :-))

Using the chicken feet really made a big difference in the thickness of at least the first batch of broth...It will be interesting to see how thick each batch is that I get off this set of bones. 

DH had a good chuckle over the chicken feet though, cause a friend of his was totally grossed out about it...and wouldn't come for supper over the weekend, until he knew I wasn't serving chicken feet.  *giggle* 

Trinity update:  He's still crying for "Mom", and sounds like he is going to loose his "voice" soon, cause he's been using it so much.  Poor baby...I do hate having to wean them, especially at only three months old, but it's gotta be done one of these days, and it's better to do it now, so we can get more spring butter...and so he's away from her for long enough to hopefully stop wanting to nurse so he can go back with them this possibly breed someone.  I don't know how old the bulls have to be, but it will be worth a try anyway, cause there should be at least one of our girls who will need bred this fall, if not more than that.  :) 

So if he's lucky...he will have a somewhat painful spring away from the girls, to have a wonderful fall (early winter) with the girls.  ;-))


  1. Situations like this (chicken feet??) make me wonder if most of us were raised with bias attitudes toward food. I remember an annual dinner that family friends used to host for dozens of people that would show up. Jessie would buy two goats to clean up the leftovers of the garden after harvesting. Once they were finished... both were cooked in an underground pit. Supper would never be ready until Jessie brought in "his favorite parts" - the head and inerts. They were placed in the center of the table. Now that I think about it... maybe he did that to make sure there would be enough food to go around??? Seeing that head on the table seemed to dilute my appetite, considerably. LOL

  2. I couldn't even look at that picture. *shudder* ... I guess I am a city gal, through and through! *rofl*


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