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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farm News

Our New Hillbilly Home

We found our new farm! It's smaller than the one we have...in acres, and while the house may be a tad bit larger...it's not as convenient, cause it's spread out over two floors. It also didn't have a dining room, so...we are improvising for now, and making the living room the dinning room...and putting the living room out on the small (well narrow anyway) enclosed/finished porch. Should make for good bird watching out there, when we get my feeders hung! :-))

If it were all on one floor, it would actually be (almost) perfect...because the family room that is downstairs could have been used for our living room...but guess perfect wouldn't fit our hillbilly ways, so thats ok.  LOL

I am hoping to build a new living room sometime, depending on how things go, but will have to save up money for that...cause all the extra we have from the sale of this farm, will be put into a barn and shop for hubby...well not ALL the extra...a little of it will go into the house, to make it a little more "perfect" for us. *giggle* He will get the bulk of it though, cause they don't have much in the way of out buildings...and we gotta have them.

The nice things about this new place is...it's close to my parents so they can help us or us them...we will have two ponds...AND there are black berries, raspberries and lots of fruit trees on the place already!!!!! Course the fruit trees are still mostly small...but hey, least we won't have to buy them...just wait till they grow up! LOL

The one thing that made me say "that is OUR place" (before we EVEN went to see it) was the photo my Dad sent me of the Asparagus patch...it's not huge yet, but it's there, and we both LOVE asparagus!! I saw that and knew right then and there it HAD to be ours. *giggle*

Our New Hillbilly Home

I love the trees by the driveway...looks really neat coming up the hill...I just didn't get a photo from that direction. LOL

Anyway, since we found this new place, and it was quite a bit cheaper than most of the rest we saw...we decided to accept a low offer after all! Yippee!! I tell you the last couple weeks things have been moving around here, and the next month things will be moving even faster I think. We have so much to do...and so little time to do it in! God willing we will manage...even though I don't think I'll make it to my niece's wedding shower at the end of the month. *cry*

This really has been kinda bad timing in a way with the wedding (praise God for pushing me to get the mints done early!!)...but I can't complain, cause it's turned out more perfectly than I feared it would. I felt at home in this new house when I walked in the door...the other ones we looked at I didn't. That was important to me...even if my hubby kinda thought I'd never find one I'd be happy with. Sometimes Men just don't understand...but I love him anyway. LOL I wasn't looking for perfect (like that would even be possible), I was just looking for "home" if you know what I mean. :-))

I guess this place JUST came on the market...and had several people looking at it already, as well as another offer that was given to the seller the same time ours was. Thankfully ours beat out the other one. Makes me feel more than ever like God led us to this place, when we get it by the skin of our teeth. LOL

I'll share more photos later on, probably mostly after we move, but just wanted to say we found a place, and will be moving soon!! Now, for sure, posting this summer could be hit and miss...with packing, the move, unpacking and getting a barn and shed up at the new place. Thankfully it's not all that far from my parents house, so my Dad will be able to come over and help with the building. One of these years, maybe we will be able to help him, instead of him always helping us. LOL

Oh yeah.....the house sits on a hill...so...we are thinking about keeping our farm name (Hillbilly Hill Farm), instead of trying to think of a new one! *giggle* I actually wanted to change it to Hillbilly Haven, but that's taken by several different places it looks like when I google...so decided I'd stay away from that name. If anyone has any other ideas for a farm name (with hillbilly in the name), feel free to give me the suggestions...it doesn't really seem like we should take the name with us when we move...but I can't think of one I like better so we may just have to! :-))

Ok, gotta run! I'll try to keep my blog updated as much as possible, but we will see how well I manage to. LOL We do have a few helpers lined out for our move...probably not enough, with as much as we have to move, but God willing we will manage. Praise God for the true friends and family he has provided to help us! :-))

Prayers for everything to go well would be appreciated!  Thanks!


  1. Wow! Just blink and... Deb 'n Galen sell one place and buy another before ya' know it! Wish I could lose about 30 lbs. that fast!!!!! Congratulations!

  2. Now THAT was fast!!! Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to hear about the move! ... And the house looks so cute from the outside. :D


  3. congratulations on the new farm & it is lovely! looks like new siding & windows ~ yayayay!!!!


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