Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Blooms

Early peonies

This year, with our early spring a lot of things seemed to bloom early. However most of the time I couldn't tell for sure if they did, cause I didn't commit to memory, just WHEN everything usually bloomed.

However, when it comes to our peonies, I KNOW they are really early, cause usually we have them blooming around memorial day weekend...and sometimes they have even been later than that!

Early peonies

So the fact that they are already blooming now, is just so strange, it's a good 2-3 weeks early!

We have a lot of other blooms outside now too!


We have roses blooming...


As well as the larger iris by our front porch. In fact, the iris have more blooms on them than I've ever seen!


Our Clematis Vine is also blooming.

God's putting on quite a show for our last spring on Hillbilly Hill Farm in Nebraska! :-))

Thankfully my SIL said she is willing to help spread out the iris before we move (even if it is usually a fall thing...we've done it other times of the year), so they aren't so thick (It's needed done for some time now), and that way we can each have some of them to take with us. I'd miss my flowers, if we didn't take some with us...even if I do neglect them.  The new farm didn't look like it had much in the way of flowers...the last owner was more into planting trees, which is good...cause they cost way more to get and plant than flowers do.  I'll just move some of what I have, and maybe...over the  next few years, add more.   :-))

Praise God for his beautiful flowers, and the helpers he is sending our way!


  1. Gorgeous!! Hope you get lucky enough to take some of your Peonies with you, too!! I'm not quite ready to find a place for those, yet. I'm still trying to make up my mind about what to replace the Bradford Pear trees with. Maybe the 5th year of being here will be the lucky charm? Or, would that be the last entitlement for procrastination? LOL

  2. Those are so very pretty!!!!!!!


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