Thursday, May 17, 2012

Been a busy week!

Big Dog

There hasn't been to much picture taking around here lately...been to busy, but DH did take this photo with his phone and I had to share it, cause it was kinda neat.

Our big dog has taken to laying under the big, sprawling rose bush out front...the bush could use a little cutting back...I didn't get it done this spring, but I figure the new owners can do that cause I'm to swamped right now to mess with it. LOL Can't believe that dog can get in and out of it without getting tangled up to much in the thorny bush...but she does.

We've been packing here this past week, we have a mountain of boxes in a couple rooms...but there is still a LOT to do. Several rooms to get packed up, some of which we haven't started on yet, including the kitchen. *sigh* Will see if we manage to get done. I'm getting to old for this I think. *giggle* (I've always wanted to say I've found the perfect time to I think.)

Anyway, gotta get going, so I can get a few things done and get back to packing! Hope everyone is having a great week! :-))


  1. With a coat like that, are you kidding?! It's like having your hair brushed at the Beauty Parlor! LOL (Holding up the strand of garlic at the word "packing".) I did that for a living, way back when. It really does burn you out. But you learn what you never want to own, really quickly!

  2. You're going to be keeping busy for sure!!!! You're going to need a vacation, once you're all moved into the new place! *lol* ... You sould take pictures of the piles of boxes. I did, when we moved here. :)


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