Saturday, May 19, 2012

Birthday happenings

Birthday Flowers

Today happens to be my birthday, and with all the packing going on around here, I've not been able to be to lazy or anything...however there are compensations for that!

I didn't have to make my own cake for a change, cause our niece was here helping pack, so she made it for me! It's so NICE to not have to make my own!! Sometimes we've managed to be out where we can buy one, but not usually, so I usually have had to make my own. Thats just WRONG! *giggle*

I've not had to cook today either...hubby has been extra special, and made breakfast AND lunch so far...and has promised to make supper for me. SUCH a Sweetie!!!

He also slipped into town while we were packing up my kitchen and bought me flowers. Then he picked some of the roses from the bush out front and laid them over the card he had for me. He put everything on my desk this morning...and it was after lunch before I found them. *giggle* Oops! I was so busy packing I didn't even come check my e-mail from time to time. I got a card from our niece too, they were both so sweet to me this morning, I felt loved! Thanks to the both of you!!

I did have to slip the roses into the vase with the other flowers...cause I've packed my vases already. LOL

I also got a e-mail from our SIL and my Mom bright and early, wishing me a happy birthday. Yesterday a friend sent me some kindle books, it really made my day yesterday too so all in all it's been a good birthday...even if I have had to be working on packing!

The "skin" I ordered for my "early" birthday present that I got a month or so ago (a tablet so I could put my recipe's on it, and stop printing so many out... saving on paper, ink, and most importantly SPACE) even came it was like I got one of my presents today after all! LOL Course now I have to find time to put it on my tablet. LOL

Now...I gotta go get busy in the kitchen again, need to finish packing up the non essential stuff. I'm getting close...but not totally done. Our niece and SIL had to leave this afternoon, so I'll be finishing up on my own. Thankfully the biggest part of the kitchen is done already, thanks to their help!! :-))

Getting close to being packed...well except for some things I can't pack till the last minute of course. Course there are quite a bit of those "essential" things too...but I may make it...we will see. Then the fun of getting it all moved to Missouri begins...once we close of course.

Thank God for true family and friends! The offers of different kinds of help, from packing, to moving, to milking and even helping get the new farm and home fixed up have helped ease my mind, and got me excited about the move. It's still going to be hard work, but least we know there are a few who care enough to offer to help us out in whatever way they can. May God bless them, one and all. Thanks to all who are praying for our move to go well too, as well as for hubby to not overdo with his still recovering back! :-)) I'm for sure getting back to packing...just wanted to take a moment to thank the special people in my life, who have helped make this birthday special!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! And those flowers are SO PRETTY! I am glad he made a fuss for you, on your special day! :)

  2. happy VERY belated birthday, Deb! i hope it was a good one & sorry i missed telling you on your special day. just haven't been online much lately :)


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