Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's an adventure!

Kali's Bridal Shower
Kali and her soon to be hubby at the bridal shower with the knives we got her
...and the holder my Dad made her.

Moving is an adventure...yesterday we did our first trip with "things" to Missouri. I wanted to go to my niece's bridal shower, and this is the only way I could think of to get us over there, in the middle of our frantic packing. DH actually is the one who came up with the idea to get the cows over there, since it sounded like we weren't going to be allowed to have them in the pasture here after closing. It worked out good though, cause now we can worry about getting things done here, and not about the cows or milking...or making butter. Dad will milk and Mom will freeze the cream for me (unless she wants it for something) and I can make butter after we get moved. :-))

We loaded up the cows yesterday morning, which wasn't near as hard as loading up Snowflake the day before when the couple we sold her to, came to pick her up...but that's another story that hopefully my hubby will tell one of these days on his blog...if he ever finds time to blog. *giggle* We managed to get out of here at 7, which is what we were aiming at.

It's usually a 3 to 3.5 hour drive for us, depending on how many stops we make, but knew it would be a little more as we were following my Dad, who came over to take the two youngest calves over in his they didn't get squished in the cattle trailer with the other 5 cows. Dad drives slower than we do...and he was pulling a little trailer with a few other things on it also.

The first leg of the journey, was only about 30 miles long...and took us an hour and a that time we knew we were in trouble. *giggle* Come to find out, my Dad's truck was over heating, so no wonder we were driving so much slower than we thought we would be. We decided to limp on, and stop every so often, to check fluids and let the truck cool down.

There was a detour, cause a bridge was out, that was going to take us a ways out of the way, and since my Dad had just gone on it, we decided we would try a different road on the detour...that would take us right into a town we wanted to go through. Silly us. Come to find out, that road had a bridge out to! *giggle* We stop at the bridge, laughing, and trying to figure out what way we should go. I saw a woman standing in the doorway of her house, right next to where we were parked, so DH went to ask her what the best way to go would be. She told him there was a temp road, beside the bridge, that big trucks were why don't we just do that. We couldn't see it from where we were, so he walked over to look it over.

Since he has worked on roads in the past, he saw it and said sure, no problem...I wasn't to sure, but climbed back into the truck anyway. Sadly I was hanging on for dear the "oh my God" strap (as DH calls it), AND my didn't think to get a photo of the dirt track that went down and across the stream, but thankfully we made it across and back on the road. LOL (Keep in mind we have a 16 foot cattle trailer behind us...with 5 of our precious cows in it too...and I'm not to adventurous.)

We went on our way, laughing about the adventure so far, stopping here and there to let Dad's truck cool down, and laugh at other happenings of the day. We were over half way there when I sneezed, and instantly had a gushing bloody nose...and nothing to use to catch it. DH stopped the truck, and ran to the bed to grab a rag that was back there, but it wasn't very good so he ended up taking his shirt off as he was driving, so I could use was just an old one he had left on, till we got the cows unloaded, and had another one with it wasn't the end of the world there. I finally managed to get that stopped...and the next time we stopped hubby ran in and bought some paper towels and water to use, so I could clean up. There was no way I was going in anywhere with blood all over me. *giggle*

I called Mom to have her dig out one of the shirts I had sent her a while back, that she was going to pretty up for me when she had the chance...thankfully she had some, since I had gotten blood on the one I had on.  (Sorry if you are squeamish about blood LOL)

After that, except for some stops to let the truck cool off, it was an uneventful trip for the most part...just long. It certainly made it interesting, but hopefully that's the most trouble we have on our move. LOL I told my Mom that it's an adventure when the hillbillies move! *giggle*

Needless to say, I was kinda glad when the return trip was almost boring. :-))

It was good to see my niece, and be able to attend her bridal shower, even though Mom and I were a half hour late. They waited for us, before they got started which was sweet...I was surprised that they were when we got there, as I didn't expect it. Mom and I jumped in her car as soon as we arrived...and left Dad, DH and our other niece who has been helping us pack stay there and get the cows unloaded.

Even with the troubles, it was a good day yesterday. It sure seems odd to not have cows here now though...gotta get moved, so we are back with our animals. Moving day is getting closer...and we are going to have a REALLY BUSY week this week...busier than last week, and it was pretty busy. So...posting may or may not happen, but...I'll hopefully get back to it one of these days.  Hope everyone will have a great week!  :-))

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  1. I am so glad you were able to make it to her shower! I know how close you are with her. :)

    Have fun with the move... and NO MORE BLOODY NOSES! :)


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