Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back online!

Yummy Blackberries!

We finally got internet at our new farm today!! We've been so busy getting moved, that when we had to check e-mails, we would go to my parents house, but only stay on long enough to make sure there was nothing that needed our attention. We are still getting things moved over to Missouri, and unpacking...but now we have the net here at home, maybe I can find a little time to blog.

It's so good to have that little window to the rest of the world now...the last couple weeks, since I packed up our computers and shut off our old phone have been strange not getting online everyday. I could have gotten the net sooner it turns out, but was told we needed to have all our computers here and set up, so didn't call to get it till we did...had I known I didn't really have to, we wouldn't have been without it so long. Oh well, the break was probably a good thing, cause it let me concentrate on painting, packing, and then unpacking, so much so that now it's a little strange that we can get back online, whenever we want. LOL

Course something is wrong with my hubby's computer's been giving him fits now and then, one way or another. When I hooked it up a few days ago it was working, but when I went to turn it on this morning it sounded like it turned on...but nothing showed up on the screen, so...who knows whats up with it. *sigh*

But, on a happy note, tonight we had the first yummy desert made with our first blackberries! We haven't gotten enough to do a lot with, but I was able to make a small cobbler, and boy was it good!! Course there are probably lots of berries that I've not found on the place, but there is also lots of poison ivy, which I tend to get easily, so I'm not venturing to far out to find berries yet...I have no desire to fight the itch of the rash, while I'm trying to settle into our new home. niece's wedding is this weekend, and I'd hate to poison ivy at that!

I've almost got my kitchen unpacked... that's the most important room to unpack to me, and it would have been done sooner, except that it's been a challenge to get everything into this new one, as it's Abbie (a niece) and I have moved things around several times, while we were trying to fit everything in a good spot. I'm so thankful to have had Abbie's help, with the packing, and now unpacking cause she has been so much help, and has been my memory (since my brain seems to be shot) and has had some great ideas on how to set things up. I am blessed!

Just wanted to update, since I now had the net...hopefully I can get back into a routine soon, and share more about our new farm! Hubby still has a few more trips to make to bring things from our old farm, so prayers for his safety are still being asked for. Thanks for all your prayers, and comments and e-mails! Hope all is well with you, my dear readers...if there are any of you left. LOL

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  1. Hmmm... Seems like I remember reading this post, but I am not seeing a comment from me?!?! ... Must have gotten lost. *lol*

    Glad to see you back online! :)


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