Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Close enough for me!!

Old Cabinets

This is a set of drawers that was in my kitchen when we moved here. It's actually the only set...and there was only one other drawer...and it was a tiny one...this is why I decided to get a set of drawers for my bar area...not a drawer/door.

I wasn't real thrilled about buying an unfinished cabinet for the kitchen, but to have a chance of matching the stain, we decided to go ahead and do that...instead of buying one of the finished ones that for sure wouldn't match. Besides...they were quite a bit cheaper that way! :-))

New Cabinet

NOW....I'm really happy we did get the unfinished ones...cause as seen above, we found a stain that was really close to the right color so I stained them, and put a couple of clear coats over the stain, and they really turned out to be a good match (except for shinier) to the original cabinets that were here!

I'm not a woodworker, but am QUITE happy with how they turned out! Now I'm not worried at all about getting more for the dining room, when we manage to get them. I KNOW I'll be able to make them look nice.

Yippee, so happy the color is a close match...now to just get them installed! :-))


  1. Very nice!! I can't wait to own my own house someday to make all the little touches my own. :) I like the top counter color!!!

    Sarah & le Weens

  2. Nice! ... Will you be able to match the counter top too?


  3. Well no, we plan on replacing all the countertops in the fall (or once Galen will have the time to get them installed) unless we just can't afford to do it this year...but eventually, I WILL have matching countertops again, cause putting them in before we moved out of Nebraska, makes me want them here...although I know I can live without them. LOL


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