Monday, July 16, 2012

Winter's Hay

Bring Home the Hay!

With our move, we were not able to cut our own hay this year, or get our winter's hay supply from the people we have in the past. That's one thing I knew I was going to miss...being able to get small bales if we knew we would need them, from some friends, and then a large bale here or there from another friend. The large bales were cheap, some just for the price of a homemade cherry pie. You can't beat that price, when it comes to hay!!

So, even during our move, we were trying to keep our eyes out for hay. With not much rain in this area this year, and the really hot temps, hay is getting harder to come by, and I was starting to worry about how we were going to be able to feed our cows this winter. I hated the thought of trying to sell them, cause we do love our girls especially. Stew will be in the stew pot, come fall, so he wasn't a worry...but the others will need hay to see them through the winter.

Thankfully as usual, God knew what we needed and had his plan for getting us some hay. We were driving over to my parents house the other day and saw some people cutting hay. We got to talking to my Dad about it, and he thought he knew who they were, so called and left them a message. DH called them the next morning, and sure enough, it was them...and they didn't know if they would have any extra, but would count the bales, and let us know.

The next day, we were told they had 26 they didn't need, and we would have to take all of them, if we wanted any. DH hadn't been planning on that many, as he figured less would get us through, but I was quite happy to have the extra, cause I wasn't real sure if what he was thinking was enough...and to my way of thinking, when it comes to food for our animals, to much is better than not enough. :-))

Getting 26 bales over to our farm was not something I was looking forward to, but I was just glad it was only a few miles away, instead of having to travel long distance to get some, like I was starting to think we may have to do. As it turns out, I didn't need to worry about that either, God had it covered. The people who were cutting the hay, offered to get their trailer and help haul it, so it didn't take us so many trips. They could put 6 on their trailer, were my brothers trailer (that we were using) would only hold 3.

Winter's hay

Praise God for his wonderful blessings of the hay....AND the hay haulers!!

Hopefully next year, we can cut our own hay again. Till then, I'm just thankful to have our winter's hay waiting for when we need it! :-))

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  1. It's been hay season around here too. The boys just spent a couple days at the farm, helping to haul hay there too... And one of our neighbors has a cool stack of hay that I would love to photograph! :)


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