Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poor Daisy...

Not a happy cow...

We moved Daisy and Clover over here to our new farm today...leaving Honey and Snowball (the calf) at my Dad's till after Daisy has her new calf.

Dad had separated Daisy and Clover, from the calf, cause Daisy was starting to produce milk, and he saw the calf on her...which isn't good, when she needs to be able to get ready to have her own calf...not be feeding another one. But, even though she was not able to be in the same pasture as the calf, she could see her a lot of the wasn't to worried.

Not a happy cow...

Poor Daisy was NOT a happy camper today, as she wandered around the wilds of our farm...looking for "her" calf. I told her it was in her belly, not over at Dad's, but she didn't listen, just kept walking the fence, bellowing.

Exploring her new home.

Clover was happy enough...she went to exploring her new home...when she wasn't following Daisy, wondering why she was so upset. LOL

Hopefully Daisy settle's down soon, and starts to enjoy her new home, as well as getting ready to have her baby! We are on calf watch now...can't wait to see if we get a boy or a girl! :-))

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  1. Bet you can't wait until all your girls are there with you. :)


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