Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love this time of the year!

Canning Season!

Who would have ever thought when I was growing up, that I'd eventually be able to say I LOVE canning season! LOL Now don't get me wrong, some of it can get if you have to can quart after quart of the same thing, but some of this, some of that is fun...and it's really fun seeing your pantry fill up for the long winter.

Dad's still bringing us cucumbers, so after talking to Mom I decided to make a few of Grandma's lime pickles for them (since I should still have plenty from last year), and try DH's grandmother's dill again, this time adding some pickle crisp so hopefully they aren't mushy...the chickens got last years jars of mush. LOL

Today, I'm starting the lime pickles...they have to soak in lime water for 24 hours, before getting rinsed really well and soaking in some spices before being canned in a couple days. Next week I'll get them canned up as well as some dill, and then see where I go from there. If I keep getting cucumbers, maybe I'll do another batch or two of the lime pickles, cause I know they are well liked by everyone here.

We will see what else we get to can, as the summer progresses. Hopefully we can get a bunch of yummy things canned up for winter. :-))


  1. I can just imagine the CRUNCH right now. Gosh I have been reading tomato posts and now yummy pickles to be! I think it's time I went and found dinner. I can't wait to see how they turn out. ( yep that's code for more pictures please. ;) )

  2. Have fun canning! And isn't it nice to have your Mom so close by, to can with you?! :)

  3. I would love to know how to do canning. My mom used to do it when I was young but I never learned how.


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