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Friday, July 13, 2012

Ask and ye shall receive!

New Cupboards!

I'm so lucky to be married to this wonderful man of mine. He has busted his behind the last few weeks (months) with this move...with no slowing down in sight he still takes time to help me out so I can get the house unpacked. He looked at some stores online, and found a place that had these cupboards on sale, so we took off for St Joe the other day with my Mom, instead of her and I going to a local town to shop. We brought home a truck load of cabinets, two of these for the office, and three other cabinets for my kitchen...not to mention other things we needed. It was a LONG day, but netted us a bunch of stuff to hopefully get this house more livable for me. (Yes ME...I'm a heck of a lot pickier than hubby is...he could live with it the way it was...clutter and all.) :-))

I've already got most of my office boxes emptied out into these cabinets, now I just have to work on DH's. They won't all fit in them, but any books or notebooks will go on some shelves we have at his end of the office...they won't look as nice, but since we had them they will do for now...maybe someday we can get something that will look better. I'm not to worried about the look right now...as long as the pile of boxes and clutter is gone I'll be happy enough.

The kitchen cabinets are unfinished, so I've been using my Dad's "paint" shed,
(where he finishes his wood products) and getting them stained and a clear coat on them. I didn't want to have that smell in my house...and doing them outside would be a pain with the heat...and having to cover them should a threat of rain come along. Not that we seem to be getting that much lately, but there is always that possibility. Besides, my Dad does keep a small air conditioner going to keep it dryer in the shed with these humid summers, so it's actually not to bad working in his paint shed! Gotta love that!!! :-))

The kitchen cabinets won't totally match what is already in the kitchen, but I'm hoping they will be close so that they won't stand out to much. There is actually only two that I'm having to finish...the third thing we bought was a little cart, and it's already finished...just had to put it together. It's going to hold my cheese making supplies eventually...but now, while I'm waiting for my kitchen to get finished I'll use it for extra counter space, and to hold some of my silverware.

I am hoping to have the money for 4 more cabinets for the dinning room but will wait and see how things go before getting them. The next time (or time after) we go to St Joe, maybe we can bring them home...if I don't have to use the money for something else. Right now I have a shelf in their place, so least I do have something to use in their place for now...just not exactly what I need in the long run.

Slowly things are coming together here...hoping to have two of our girls (cows) over here today or tomorrow...just got a little left to do on the fence. Had hoped to bring them over last night, but the fencing slowed them down. Then...we will be watching for Daisy to calve, and seeing what we get for the first calf born on this NEW Hillbilly Hill Farm! :-))

Ok, gotta run, so much to do, so little time! Hope everyone is having a good week! :-))


  1. There is something fantastic about new + storage combined. It gives a sense of tidy+happiness all in one. Yay for great hubbys who go that extra mile! :) They look fantastic :)

  2. Nice cabinets! Things are really starting to shape up around there! :)



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