Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meeting the Neighbors

Our new home

We had an interesting start to our evening here on the new Hillbilly Hill Farm. I guess the wild look of our farm was enticing to three neighbor girls. *giggle*

I was in making supper, and DH was down finishing putting our mailbox in, so we could start getting mail here, instead of them delivering it to my parents house (which isn't a problem...we just figured it was past time to get it here now. LOL Love that they were willing to put it in my parents box though...nice we have the same mail man!) :-))

I heard Yani bark, so I opened the back door, to see if I could see what she was barking at. I peaked around the door, and saw a cow...a nice pretty Jersey cow, and a Guernsey cow...then I saw a Holstein looking one. Our girls aren't here yet, so I didn't have that OMGoodness the cows are out feeling for a moment, before it registering that they weren't our cows...I just thought Huh, that's different...wish they were OURS! LOL

I went to call DH to tell him he should come meet the neighbors, when he walked in the front door saying something about how he didn't know who's they were but he'd take them. *giggle* Even though we had to get rid of some cows, cause of not having as much land...we still have trouble with wanting more. Thankfully we can want, and just not get now, since we CAN'T support to many. LOL

Anyway, he decided to hop in the truck, and go drive around, and ask the neighbors if they were missing some cows. We kinda thought it might be the Amish neighbor's we have to the back of us, and sure enough, it turned out it was. The Dad wasn't home, but the oldest boy came back with hubby and they herded them back home.

Come to find out, two of the cows had just given birth in the past few days, and one was due any time...she looked like she should be too, cause she had some mucus on her hind end. I thought it looked like a couple of them had nice big bags...we could sure use their milk now, with Honey slowing down on how much she is giving...and the baby taking most of it. I'll be running out of butter soon, if we don't get someone giving us milk SOON!!! LOL Dad's still milking Honey, but isn't getting a lot...and Daisy is due to calve soon, so isn't giving us any. I'm sure looking forward to being back in milk, once Daisy does start giving us some...although knowing her we won't get a whole lot of cream for butter off her for a while. :(

Anyway, it made for an interesting start to our evening, and let us meet one of our neighbors (and three of their cows LOL). DH had just said earlier today he would like to go meet them soon...little did we know we would have to today! LOL

I didn't get any photos of the girls...should have, cause the one brown and white Guernsey looking one was sure pretty, but maybe they will come back for a visit one of these days and I can remember to grab my camera. LOL

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  1. They probably can't wait for you to get your cows, so they can have some friends. *lol*



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