Monday, July 09, 2012

Woe is me...

Office Woes

This is our new office's been getting on my last nerve, cause I can't unpack it and get it straightened up, since I have no place to put the stuff in the boxes. Mom finally gave me an idea on how to do it, but...I have to buy a cheap cupboard, and haven't been able to yet. The space is small, but might be livable, if I can just get it set up's just that's taking longer than I like.

DH went to our local town, and found some cupboards that were on sale there...called me...and then once I got my hopes up and all excited, called me back to say they didn't have any in stock. Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper...and totally bummed all afternoon, that I still have to wait to find some, somewhere else. *sigh*

Yep...Woe is me...

I'm not a neat freak, in fact I don't keep a very clean house usually...but over the years I have learned that clutter affects my mood in a bad way if I have to live in it to I've tried to learn to keep the clutter to a minimum. Most of the time I do well enough to ignore the rest...but this move is making it hard right now. LOL

And right now...this office is the worst offender. (I'm ignoring the main room downstairs right now, cause I avoid it as much as's MUCH worse than this, but I know I can't do much about it till my dinning room floor is finished! LOL)

DH tells me that I have a good excuse for my house not being "clutter free" and if someone comes over and doesn't like it to bad...I have no idea where he gets the idea I'm worried about it cause I am worried what people with think, it's ME who I'm worried about it for, not someone else. If they don't like it to bad, they can leave...I can't, so ummm, I need to do something about it for ME, not anyone else.

Sadly, it could be a week or two (or even three...depending) before I can get a cupboard to put stuff in, Mom and I will go looking later this week, but if we don't find anything better or cheaper, I have to order some from, and it can take 5-10 days for them to get to the closest, I will have to try to not go crazy till then.

Oh yeah, ummm maybe I should have said more crazy...cause I think I'm pretty much at crazy right now! :-))

On another note, I did my first canning in my new house this morning!!  I canned up some dill pickle relish for my Mom, cause Dad's been bring us all kinds of cucumbers, and I couldn't see throwing them out for the chickens (since we are having trouble eating them all) when I could do something with them.  I think I still have enough relish left from last year, to get us through another year, but Mom doesn't, so I offered to make her some.

So...least I got a start on some canning, and made it so I didn't have to throw as many cucumbers away. LOL  Least I know it is possible to do in my kitchen now...even if I don't like doing it on this stove as well.  Getting the heat  adjusted is a bit more of a pain...but I managed it...and had fun doing my first canning in my new home.  :-))

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  1. Once you finish getting it set up, that's going to be a super cute office space! I love all the windows, and the wood look!!!!


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