Sunday, July 08, 2012

Grandma's Shelves

Grandma's Shelves

Two of the most prized items in my kitchen to me, happen to be two glass shelves that were my Great Grandmothers. When my Grandma moved out of her house, and in with my parents, I got these two little shelves, and grew to love them. They have moved with us, ever since, and until I have them on the wall in my new kitchen, it's just not MY kitchen.

The shelves are white glass, and the brackets are porcelain, they are quite breakable, and I'm always worried about breaking them when I have to remove them from the wall...but thankfully so far they have managed to not break. I've been thankful they haven't gotten broken, while on the wall for that matter. LOL

I used to put the smaller of the two, over my stove in the kitchen, but the new gas stove I got last year, vents up, not out, so the heat goes up and heats up the salt and pepper shaker I like to keep on it, so they are to hot to handle. It also melts the butter, so we had to move it off to the side. This time I put it to the side, under the cupboard, even though I'm not using my gas stove yet, cause we are hoping to get propane hooked up eventually, so I can start using it again. We both hate electric stoves...and even though my cheap little gas stove was annoying at times, I'm learning to appreciate it, with having to use the electric one that was left here. LOL

Grandma's Shelves

The longer of the two shelves, always goes above my sink, just under the window. I've sure missed having it to put a vase of flowers on (not that I have any flowers in a vase right now...but the vase is sitting waiting for some LOL) and my glass sits there a lot of the time, not to mention a big glass DH likes to use to make tea in.

I finally found the box that we packed the brackets to these two shelves in the other day, so today we got the shelves up, and back in use! My kitchen is finally starting to feel like MY kitchen again...just gotta get my dishwasher hooked up and my bar sticking out from the wall...then...I'll be fairly happy again...even with a smaller kitchen. :-))

Putting my cool old sink in the kitchen may have to wait till fall, as the barn has to get built...but that's ok, the shelves, and bar are the most important, other things can wait, I can be fairly happy with my kitchen without the sink... that's just icing on the cake. :-))

Once I'm fairly happy with my kitchen...and I get my dining room furniture in my dining room (it's in the basement till my floor is in), I think I'm going to start feeling like this is home! I feel like I'm getting close now, with my shelves up!!  :-))


  1. Those are pretty shelves! I would love them too. :)

  2. Oh those shelves are beautiful! I love having that sort of history in my home.


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