Monday, October 15, 2012

And the color keeps coming!

Beautiful Missouri Fall Color

This weekend, after the rain stopped (yep...we got rain finally again!!) I had to run over to my parents house to get a photo of "my" tree. On the way, I couldn't help but stop and get some photos of the other fall color, that has popped out, since the frost.  If I thought it was beautiful before...I didn't know what I was talking about!  There is way more orange and red now, which is what I always missed in Nebraska.  There was a little here and there out there, but nothing like here.

Beautiful Missouri Fall Color

Even though this back road, has a few spots that get slick with mud after a rain, I just couldn't convince myself to go around on the blacktop road...I'd still have some gravel to travel anyway, and then I'd miss my favorite area for fall color. I'm sure glad I went on my favorite back road...cause it was so beautiful out!

Beautiful Missouri Fall Color

That afternoon, once I got home and we did a few things, we decided to take a drive up our road to the north, and see the fall color that direction. It's a pretty drive along our gravel road, to the nearest blacktop to the north (which isn't really the nearest there is one closer to the south LOL). We were driving along, enjoying the scenery, when we popped up over a hill and saw this meadow ringed with color. I drew my breath in sharply and hubby knew what that stopped the car and backed up, so I could get out for some photos.

Sadly, I can't do justice to the beauty God shared with us this year in the color of the trees, with my camera...but trust me when I say, it was breathtaking!!!

I think I took the beauty a little bit for granted when I was growing up...guess sometimes it takes moving away from it all for a while, to appreciate how beautiful it can be.  Nebraska had it's own beauty...especially in the wide open vista's and the red grasses of fall and winter...but to me, this will always be my favorite, because it's what I grew up with...besides the fact that I LOVE trees, and there are lots more of them here!  :-))

All in all, it was a really nice weekend, with rain, family fun for game night, and the beauty that surrounds us here.  We are truly blessed.


  1. It really is coming on fast and furious. And I'm just not so sure I'm ready, at all. I just simply despise winters.

  2. It really is beautiful out there. We don't get that much color... Maybe that's why fall never really interested me. *lol*


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