Friday, October 19, 2012

Enjoying my wide counter!

Loveing my extra wide counter!

I've been busy this week, getting some cleaning done, as well as some finishing touches on the upstairs part of our house. Pictures have been hung finally...(upstairs anyway) and some final boxes unpacked. Still have a few to go...but they will remain packed in a closet for a while...till we figure out where we can put the stuff in them. Some of them are old oil lamps, and I just don't have a good spot for many of them in this house, for fear they would be till I get that figured out, they will stay in their boxes.

I have a few more things to do to get the upstairs straightened up, but I'm getting there! Least it's almost ready for "company"! LOL I'm throwing a small baby shower for my niece next weekend...well I'm co-hosting it with her Mother-in-law and my Mom...but it's at my house so I'm trying to get it presentable. LOL

I was making bread earlier in the week,  between all the other things going on, and it hit home how much NICER it was going to be, to have that extra wide counter! I could put my bread pans towards the back, and still have plenty of room to mess with the dough in front of them...and not spread out all over the kitchen. This kitchen just doesn't have the counter space I was used to, so this is going to be so nice!  I hate fighting to have room for everything I need to cook with...I still have a problem over by my stove, and that won't ever be able to change, but least my main work area is large enough now!  Yippee!!  :-))

We also got a couple ceiling fans up in our dinning room this week (hubby is working on putting them together in the background of the above photo)!  What a difference they have made!  Before we just had one light, on one end of the room, which made it kinda hard for people at one end of the table to see.  Game night has sometimes been a challenge, just cause of the lighting in the dinning room.  (The lighting in this house is one of the things I've hated about it...I like LIGHT...and this house doesn't really have much built in, in some of the rooms...especially the big "main" rooms.)  Next month, when game night rolls around, we should be set for lights!  :-))

Well I better get off here, still working on favors for the baby shower.  Hubby is off with his friend who is visiting from Nebraska, looking at tractors so it's a good time to get some more done on the baby shower stuff!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  :-))

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  1. The island in my kitchen is nice and wide like that. I love it! :)


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