Thursday, October 25, 2012


Our Drive Way

To me, trees are like the icing on a can enjoy a land without them, but a land that has lots of them is much sweeter, not to mention more beautiful!

Personally...from what I've been able to see of them, which isn't a lot since I've been to busy to explore, not to mention to afraid of getting into MORE poison ivy...the trees on our farm aren't as "pretty" as a lot of them around this area, but they still add beauty to this Hillbilly Hill. We do have a few tall, stately, trees that I like though, even if they aren't as "shapely" as I'd like, especially around one of our ponds, and these trees, (in the above photo) by the driveway.

From what we've been able to find out, the people who built this house, cleared some of the land, so who knows if there were prettier trees here at one time.  There are still some places that need cleared out, just so grass will grow...but I'm not one to want to get rid of ALL the trees, just enough so we can support our animals with the pasture. Thankfully DH agrees with me.

The flat, bottom ground on our farm, that we see when we first reach our land, isn't real pretty (to my way of thinking). It doesn't have much in the way of trees...and the grass (hay field) needs "cleaned" up, getting rid of the brambles and mess of years of not being taken care of.  Hopefully we can get to that soon...although sadly, probably not till next year.

As you drive up the driveway, you see a bend in the drive, as it goes through some trees, and that bend was the first thing I fell in love with here on our new farm. There is just something about that area, that I love.  The trees on both sides of the drive make it would just be a bend in the road without them.

I do LOVE having more trees around! :-))

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  1. I think those trees are very pretty! I love trees!!! ... And that picture is beautiful! :)


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