Friday, October 26, 2012

Co-hosting my first baby shower

Sad as it may be, I've never actually thrown a shower before. LOL I'm not really into parties anyway but mostly I just haven't had the opportunity to do one before now.

I probably wouldn't have actually given one, but I was informed that the one my niece WAS having, was just for her Mom's side of the family (not my niece's choice) so it was decided that maybe I should try to get one together, so her new hubby's family could go to one if they wanted to. Not that he has a LOT of family who showed up to their wedding...but I thought I could at least invite the ones who did. we are, rushing around trying to get ready for the shower, and have it before the snow his family doesn't have to travel on bad roads to get here...should winter finally catch up to us.

I made the invitation out of kits (mostly baby girl heartstrings kit) from  It was good to  dabble in digital scrapbooking's been far to long!

Getting ready for a baby show for my niece!

I also made a simple little welcome sign for our door...I was in a hurry cause I was running out of time for everything, so it's not perfect...but it will work, course it would have worked better, had I got the holes for the ribbon in the right spot...but oh well. *roll eyes*  The rose ps brushes were from were the little baby shoes.

For the most part the decorations are being done by her MIL, who is helping me "host" the small party, but I couldn't resist doing a few. I'll share more (hopefully) next week, after I get photos of everything, after setting things up in the morning. (If I don't loose my mind, and FORGET to get photos! LOL)  When her MIL asked to help, I was happy to turn the decorations over to her, so I didn't have to try and figure them out well as buy the stuff for them, on top of everything else.  I had to much else going on around here, so was happy to not have to spend even more time staying up late to get everything done.

Needless to say, getting this ready, on top of still being busy with so many other things around here has been a little challenging...but thankfully it's almost over, and who knows, maybe I can actually take a day or two off next week...or NOT!  LOL  We (mom and I) have pumpkins to can still. *sigh*  Canning got put on the back burner the last week or two cause I had to get things ready for the shower!

Anyway, I'll be back next week (hopefully) with an update on how it went...and more photos!  Hopefully it's fun, even if it is small!

Right now though, I'm off to bed, my eyes are burning and I'm tired, and I have a busy morning ahead of me tomorrow...putting the finishing touches on the preparations.  :-))

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  1. I am glad that you had the party so that his family could come. It only seems fair!!!


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