Saturday, October 27, 2012

Butterflies and Mums!

Butterfly on a Mum

This new farm of ours has almost NO flowers planted (actually only one little sorry rosebush is all it had) on it...lots of those wonderful trees, but I love flowers I've been a little sad about that aspect of this place, and figured I'd have to buy some, at my first opportunity.

Last weekend was Missouri Days here in our local town. We've come over the past few years for the fall festival they have here that weekend, and always enjoyed it a lot. This year we didn't have to travel so far for it, and even managed to have a decent amount of money to spend buying things from different venders. I got several things, including some amish made baskets, to add to the two I had bought last year. I love baskets, so couldn't resist getting some more. LOL

I also was in the market for some Mums...since I'd always wanted some, and knew in years past there were some good deals on them for Missouri Days. I didn't see any actually AT the fall fest, but my Dad mentioned seeing some at an amish roadside shop we would get fruit at during the summer just down the hubby and I stopped there before we went home. I couldn't decide on what colors to get...then the girl who was there at the time, selling them said she would give me a good deal on I got one of each! *giggle*

We set them by the house overnight, and the next day I happened to have my camera on me, and saw there was a butterfly on one of them...I had to get it's photo, since it's been FAR to long since I've managed to get a photo of a butterfly...or moth as the case was here.

New Mums!

Later that day, DH and I were discussing where to plant them...I was sitting at my desk, and glanced out the window towards the old wooden fence that is at our south line. I decided it had to be I could see them at my desk, and besides, I thought it just might look nice, by that neat old fence...thankfully hubby doesn't care where flowers go, as long as they aren't just randomly out in the middle of the yard, so helped me get them planted, so he didn't have to think about it anymore. LOL I am so thankful he puts up with my desire to have flowers...even though I suck at taking care of them...he knows I enjoy them a lot, if they survive my black thumb and neglect.

Anyway, for now....we have flowers on our farm! We did plant some of the iris we moved, but who knows if any survived. The hot dry summer didn't help...but Yani was the worst on them, she kept digging them up, and laying on them, till hubby finally put a fence around the few that looked like they might survive. We won't have many of them, but hopefully we will have some...and they will spread, so we can spread them out in a few years.

The rose I moved some of will be lucky to live too. I'm going to be really upset if it didn't, cause I've had it since our first real home after we got married (don't count the first month we lived in a tiny little rat infested house in town LOL). Guess we will see if it's toast, next spring.

For now, I'm just happy to see some flowers here! Hoperfully next spring I see some more iris, tulips and daffy's to plant...hopefully it's not to late to plant them...when they finally manage to get in the ground. LOL It's turned cold again's snowed in Nebraska already, although not where we used to live...but wow, winter weather is moving closer!

Least we are finally managing to turn this wild hillbilly farm into a and an almost organized house! Makes ME feel ever so much better! ;-))

Ok, I'm off to do the final prep for the baby shower this afternoon!  I feel much better this morning, than I did last's amazing what a good nights sleep will do!  It wasn't so hot downstairs, so I slept better.   :-))   Details and photos  of the baby shower to come at a latter date I'm sure...even if no one has any fun I should have a few photos.  LOL


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    That is not a moth you got, it is a Buckeye butterfly as seen here;
    So you did get a butterfly.

  2. The flowers are so pretty! Love them! ... I am glad that Joe loves to have flowers in the yard too. :)


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