Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coconut Oil, cows and fun!

Strange looking coconut oil

I just bought some coconut oil (expeller pressed, so it doesn't TASTE like coconut oil...yet isn't pressed with those nasty solvents...and is still a healthy oil) a few weeks ago, and finally got it into jars, instead of the bucket it came in. I have trouble getting the lid off the bucket, so wanted it in containers I could handle better.

It was in the liquid state, because it was rather warm here. However since it's gotten cold again, it's turning back to a solid mass.

The other night, when I opened the cupboard where it sits, I had to looked like it had a strange disease or something since a couple jars (closest to the stove) were just starting to turn solid in spots.

I've been enjoying using the coconut oil...especially for trying to brown things, as the butter doesn't do a real good job of that.  Course, I'd still use butter or ghee for a lot of things...if we were just getting more of it!  That darn cow has gotten way to good at holding her cream back for her calf.  I've actually had to buy butter this year!  *sigh*

We still get a little butter now and then...but I do think that calf will be weaned as SOON as possible, so hopefully we start getting a little more.  Course doubt it will help, cause we have two other cows due to calve she will want to adopt them and hold her cream back again.  Darn cow!  LOL

Oh well...we are on calf watch again...times 2, gotta love that, more farm babies to love!  :-))

I had a great time yesterday at the baby went much better than I expected...I'm working on getting the photos together so hopefully I can upload them to flicker later today, then share some of them on my blog over the next several days!  It was so nice to make more happy memories in our new home, have a few laughs with family and friends and welcome my newest (although yet unborn) niece to the family.  We were also able to squeeze a short photo shoot in, of the new expecting parents!  More to come on this subject in the next several days.

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  1. I think those jars look cool, with the select sections of solid. Reminds me of a lava lamp. *rofl*


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