Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby Shower part 1

baby shower decorations

The morning of the baby shower finally arrived...we hadn't had a LOT of time to prepare for it, only about a month...that was full of other things to do too, but we managed to put one together. My mother arrived early to help me finish getting ready for it. We got the table enlarged, the chairs around it, picked out the dishes we wanted to use for the food and any number of other little things that needed done.

Nathan's Mom (and her SIL, daughter and sooo adorable granddaughter) arrived just after noon so we could get the decorations up before the party started. When I contacted her about having one, she had asked if she could help with it, so I pretty much left most of the decorations up to her, as I had plenty of other things to buy for the party...and that way I didn't have to try and think of that side of putting a baby shower together.

She found a cute "cloths line" banner, that we put over the buffet that had the guest book sign and a basket with the envelops we wanted people to put their address on to make it easier to get thank you cards sent.

baby shower decorations

I also had this little group of signs on the buffet. I had seen the idea somewhere online, and thought it was cute, so did manage to make that for one of the decorations.  I got the little baby booties at the Amish last time we went there.  I just couldn't resist them, they were so cute!

baby shower decorations

We covered the table with a white table cloth, and put some paper flowers, netting and baby blocks that spelled out her name in the middle. Baby shower confetti was sprinkled around the table with more blocks to finish it off.

Balloons were hung from the ceiling fans, and wall, as well as other decorations scattered around the room. A line of white lights were nailed to the underside edge of the bar area.

baby shower food

The food was arranged on the bar, once the decorations were almost done...and just before the first guests arrived. We had deviled eggs and pumpkin bread from my Mom. Ginger cookies and pumpkin pie spice dip from my SIL and I made banana bread, a vegetable platter (that was actually arranged by my much more artistic SIL...I was just going to put the dip on the platter, with bunches of vegetables around it...yep, I know, totally boring! LOL) as well as a cheese platter and crackers.  We had ice, iced tea and ice water in the coolers on the short counter in the dinning room...right next to the bar.

I wanted to have snacks, cause Guys were invited...and I figured it would give them something to do if they got bored. *giggle* A few guys showed up, but not lots...but everyone enjoyed the snacks anyway. My hubby went to an auction, so he wasn't there...he had thought he would make it for at least part of it, but the auction went a lot longer than he thought it would, and he really needed some of the things on he didn't get home till after everyone (except for my parents and niece and nephew-in-law) went home.

More to come tomorrow, about the party! :-))


  1. Oh my GOSH!! How wonderful!! I am drooling over those deviled eggs. I just love those. ;)

    Sarah & le Weens

  2. Everything looks wonderful!!!

  3. Decorations are wonderful, this is nice idea for the baby shower.


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