Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby Shower part 2

Baby shower Games

My best friend from high school (Lilly) came to the baby shower. We've kept in touch over the years, not lots, as life seems to keep us both busy, but now and then we would call or write....or she would see my parents...or something, somehow, would keep us in contact, directly or through my parents.

Since I've been back, we've talked some on the phone, and even saw each other a time or two in town. Since we can call without it being long distance now, maybe we can at least talk on the phone more. LOL I'd almost forgotten how much fun we had talking together in high school...and all the giggling we did. Having her come to the party again brought it back to me though...it was almost like old times...full of fun and laughter.

The games I had picked out for the baby shower were (according to Kali) interesting ones...I'm not sure how she worded it, but least they weren't totally lame in her eyes. *giggle* I have to say I'm glad she approved...since the party was for her.

The first game we played was to fold baby socks...and see how many everyone could fold in 1 min...or how much time was left, if they did get them all folded. The photo above, shows Lilly taking her turn at the game.  While I didn't play, I sure had fun taking photos and watching everyone else do it.  Several said it was harder than it looked...which I'm sure it would be, especially in a timed situation.  My SIL won that game...with Kali close behind her.  I think that was my favorite of the three games we played...certainly the most fun to watch!

Baby shower Games

The next game was to come up with something to do with "baby" for each letter of the alphabet...and the last game was the memory game, where you see if you can remember every item that I had shown everyone on a tray. The games were a lot of fun, for me anyway...who was just watching and timing everyone.

Opening Gifts

After the games, while my Mom and I got the cake and punch set up, Kali and Nathan opened their gifts. First up was a gag gift to Nathan from his Mom...a emergency diaper changing tool box...complete with tongs to touch the diaper with. It was a really cute and funny idea!

Cute baby shower cake

The cake I had picked out turned out so cute I thought! I was so glad I choose this one once we got it.  The little baby, under the pink and brown blanket was just to adorable.  After the gifts were opened, the cake was cut...punch was served and we got to chat and just have fun.

I showed Lilly and her daughter and sister around our new home once the party was winding down.  We stood talking  (and giggling) for a little while, then they decided they better head for home.

All in all, I think the party went way better than I expected...and I know I had a lot of fun, and I think most everyone else did too.   Just another happy memory for our new home!  I will say I was exhausted at the end of the day though and very happy to head to bed, as soon as I could.  LOL

Now that the party is over, we get to get back to our real life...and deer season is coming up, so we will see if we can find any new (or old) "friends" over here to give us a bunch, like they would do in Nebraska!  I know I'll miss the deer meat, if we don't get any.  I still have some steak left from last year...but am down to only one package of hamburger...so am hoping God provides some more for the next year!

We will see how it goes, I have no doubt God will provide "something" if he doesn't the deer...I just really like having my freezer full so I don't have to wonder...or worry.  Thankfully we do have our steer to butcher too this year...so least that will be some meat!  :-))

Ok, off to get something done, I had to run my Mom to town this morning...so I've not managed much yet...not that I had anything major I really needed to do today.  It's kinda nice not having something pressing for a change!  I'm sure I can find SOMETHING to do though, so I better go do it, before the day is totally gone.  :-))

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful shower, and I LOVE the gag gift! *lol*



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