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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wide counter top is in!

It's been a busy day around here today. Hubby got my extra wide new counter top in over the bar area today. I knew I'd need it for butcher season, so we went ahead and did that...but the rest has to wait till next year. (Hopefully we can do it then...it will depend on money of course! LOL)

My furnace and air are getting close to being installed, and probably would have been finished today, but we slowed them down by having them help us get my Great-Grandmothers old wood cook stove hooked up...or almost hooked up, we didn't have enough inside stove pipe, but least DH doesn't have to climb on the roof! With his back, we decided to have help with that project, and wanted it done before winter, as it's the only source of heat we would have if the electricity goes out.

I'm going to have a mess to clean up, once they are finished with the furnace installation, but it sure will be nice to have it! Even my soap room will have air in it now...so I won't have to avoid it in the heat of the summer. LOL If it's anything like this last summer, I will be extra thankful my WHOLE house has air, not just a select part of it. :-))

I'll worry about most of the mess next week...when I try to get the house back together after construction (or destruction....from the looks of it).  I had to take everything out of the guest room closet, which is where the furnace is going, so will have to try to fit everything back in there...in a smaller space.  What fun THAT could be!  LOL  Not to mention the dust from cutting holes in the walls and ceilings, for duct work.  I will try to get the dinning room cleaned up though, as game night is this weekend...so we will be having at least some family over for supper that night!  We will see if I can manage that on Saturday...since we will be gone some tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our 21st anniversary, so my parents are going to come open up the house, so the furnace project can get completed, while we take a short trip to the city to pick up a part for my niece's furnace. (They had to borrow one of the heaters that was left here in this house the last few days, since the fan on their furnace is dying.) We even get to see another niece while we are at it, and do a little shopping for the baby shower I'll be co-hosting in a couple weeks.

We were just going to go to our local town for lunch, for our anniversary, but since we have to run for the part we decided to go tomorrow so I could go too. Not sure I like the big city idea...but guess it will be nice to be out with my hubby...and get to see our niece and go shopping at the same time. LOL Not the nice drive in the country I was expecting...but least we do have to drive through some pretty country to get there.

So....I better get off here and get to bed.  Gotta get up and going in the morning.  Hope everyone's week is going well!  :-))


  1. Happy Anniversary, you two!!! I hope you enjoy celebrating the event, regardless of when and where! I LOVE your new countertop. I wasn't even aware that you can get them custom-sized. What a great idea! I hope you get photos of your grandmother's cook stove. I would love to see that after you get it installed! There are so many times I get tempted! But then I worry, for the fact that we have no trees. :/

  2. Happy anniversary!!! And the first one in your new house! How awesome is that?!

    Love the new counter. You're going to enjoy it. :)



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