Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Harvest Time

Harvest is in Full Swing!

The beans are being harvested on the bottom land around us today. I've been wondering when they were going to get around to getting that done. It's harvest time here in the midwest.

Harvest is in Full Swing!

Our Amish neighbor's have their corn down and in shocks...drying in the field.  I can see them when I look out my back door, on the side of the hill to the west of our place.  Love seeing the harvesting, especially the old fashioned way of harvesting.

It's been getting cold at night here, and we've had a frost already.  We finally got someone out to teach us about our wood furnace, so it got fired up yesterday.  It's keeping the house toasty warm...actually our bedroom, which is in the basement just off the room where all the hot water pipes come in from the furnace,  was almost to warm last night.  LOL  Course it's not real COLD out yet, but it makes me think we may actually be able to have a warmer house than usual here, cause I always kept it at 70 or below when we had to buy propane for heat...and that can be cool at times.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it does in the middle of winter.

Sadly our Office, being on the enclosed porch, doesn't have "heat" out to it, so it may be chilly...even with the door and windows wide open out to it.  The days of taking my computer to the other room in the winter may not be over...but guess I can live with that.  :-))

Our central heat and air is getting installed this week to!  May not use the heat lots, but it will be nice to know if we do have to leave in the winter, it will kick in and keep the pipes from freezing...and it will be nice to have it if we just need to heat the house for a little bit on a cool morning.  The electric heaters we had as backup were to scary for my peace of mind.  LOL

Anyway, its a busy week around here, I better get off here and get busy myself.  :-))


  1. Oh that brings back memories of every hot muggy summer driving a combine to harvest rye grass seed. No AC and a small cooler filled with ice and cans of coke. ;) Happy times!

    Beautiful photos! : )

    Sarah & le Weens

  2. I think it's so cool that you have Amish neighbors! We don't have any out here.



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