Saturday, October 06, 2012

Unobstructed View

Beautiful Autumn View

I finally went out, across our front yard, over into the neighbor's pasture to get a photo of our "view" without the trees that line our property, getting in the way! It's so pretty out there with the turning leaves!! :-))

Our House

I also turned and got a photo of our house from that angle.

I like that little pasture that is right beside our house. It's lined with a creek and trees on part of it, keeping it secluded except on the one side, where it opens up into that view you see in the first photo. I wish it was part of our land...but it's not used by the owner much, so least we don't have someone always just across our fence...and I can enjoy it in peace.  :-))

We finally turned our heat on for the first time here (in the dinning room anyway).  I actually had to have DH hook the electric baseboard heat back up, that we'd taken out when we put the wood floor in.  We'd just left it out, since we are planning on having central heat and air put in as our backup heat...but it had to turn cold before we got that done.  LOL

We haven't even got the guy out to check out our wood furnace yet either (should be here today...hopefully...if we are lucky.  The furnace people sure seem to be slow getting out around here!  LOL) so we couldn't fire that up to keep warm.  Naturally, hubby wasn't the one that was cold...but he knows how cold I can get, so didn't grumble to much when I wanted some heat this morning.  He is such a sweetie!  :-))

Ok, gotta run, hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


  1. So beautiful. I bet it's beyond peaceful in the mornings. Just right for a good hot cup of coffee when the dew is still on the leaves. ;)

    Sarah & le Weens

  2. I get cold easy too. :) I turned the thermestat on a week or so ago, but it hasn't come on very often... But soon... ;)


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