Friday, October 05, 2012

Saving the cheese!

Yummy cheese log!

This week I finally decided to take time to make some cheese for a change...something besides cream cheese that is, which is all I've managed to make since we moved. First I decided to make my mozzarella cheese, and for some reason it didn't turn out wondering if the curds got to hot in places. I was disappointed to say the least...but will have to try again, when I have time to.

Today, I decided to try some cottage cheese...I used a recipe I'd only made once before, but it turned out good that time, so I figured it would this time too.

Needless to say...I was disappointed again. The curds all broke up, so it didn't seem like cottage cheese. I figured it would mostly get tossed...and figured it was just a bad week for cheese here...DH figures I have to learn how to all over again, since we are in a new place...can't say I really like THAT idea. LOL

However, I got the idea to try making a cheese log out of the failed cottage played with that a little bit this afternoon. Never having made one before, I had no idea what to put in just did a little bit of spice...and put it in the fridge.

This evening, I grabbed it, rolled it in parsley, and put some on a cracker...and ohhh, it was Yummy! I'll add more spice next time...but I liked it! So did hubby...he added some more spice to his...and took these two for an after dinner snack. I thought it was neat looking, so had to grab a photo of them before he ate them. LOL

Least I was able to "save" the cheese I made today, so it won't end up being tossed out to the chickens! Gotta love it when that happens...AND I finally made a cheese log, something I've been wanting to do, but for some reason hadn't yet. :-))


  1. I am imagining this lovely cheese, melted over crab bits on a toasted english muffin.

    THAT looks DELISH!! :)

    Sarah & le Weens

  2. Pretty cool that you found a way to save the cheese, and got a treat out of it. :D


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