Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hubby painting his tractor.

Galen's F-20

DH finally got around to painting the old tractor he has worked on for the past year or two. He was slow, because of lack of money....and then the move slowed him down a lot. He wanted to get it painted though, before winter since we don't have a place for it to be inside, so he took time out of working around the farm to get it done.

Finally Got Some Paint On

I didn't get a photo of him actually doing the painting...I was kinda busy inside, but he took the one above of it painted...before it got put back together.

His painting gave us the funny of the day yesterday...hubby was out doing a little touch up work, before he started getting it all back together again, while Mom and I were inside canning some green tomato mincemeat. Hubby came in, in the middle of his touching up the paint to get a drink, and said "remind me not to take a leak, with paint on my hands". *giggle* The paint, being red, made it look like he was bleeding...oops!

Glad he finally has one tractor almost rebuilt! Now...if we can just get the money to let him start on one of his other ones...well...and the space to do it in. LOL Gotta get a shop built for him one of these days! :-))


  1. Oh my goodness that is fantastic! My husband would have been right out there with him helping away. He loves that sort of thing but unfortunately we rent so nothing that awesome can come into the garage. :) I bet your hubby is rather proud of it. I know I sure would be!!

    Sarah & le Weens

  2. It looks wonderful! Old tractors like that are so cool!

  3. Now all we need to do is hope for snow. That brand new paint job's gonna create a gorgeous White Christmas greeting card scene!!


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