Friday, September 28, 2012

Speaking of back roads...

Road less traveled

We had to go to Iowa yesterday, to the VA, and on the way back DH took the "old" highway into our little town. We haven't gone this way since we moved, we use the "old" highway the other way out of town a lot, but don't go north all that much, so I hadn't seen this part of the road in years.

I was admiring the trees as we drove along, when we came upon this section of road, with the trees overhanging it. I gasped and said ohhh, I gotta get a photo of that! So my wonderful hubby backed up and I hopped out, grabbed my camera, and took some. The photo really didn't do it justice (I didn't think), cause it was just beautiful, but least I got something to remember it by.

I've always loved a tree lined road...just didn't realize there was one quite like this, so close to our new home!  :-))


  1. This is beautiful! My favorite season is Fall. I get nostalgic for "back home" in upstate western New York. It's just not the same here in Florida. I love the change of seasons, and seeing the trees turn the pretty colors.
    It sounds like you're getting well-settled into your new home. I'm so happy for you, and maybe a little jealous. lol I get really homesick, sometimes. You'll be well-settled-in before the holidays, which is great. You'll have your family all around you to celebrate with this year. And oh-here in Florida they have those tree covered roads, they call those roads "Canopy Roads".

  2. Ohhhh, Deb. That's absolutely gorgeous. WOW!! I bet you two will be making the trip that way more often, now!! Too cool!!

  3. This is STUNNING! Love it!!!!


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