Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back Roads

Beautiful Missouri View!

Sometimes, the most beautiful views, are along the back roads. This one is one of my favorites, along the road I take, to get from my parents house back to mine. It's only visible for a second or two, as we drive along, and is easy to miss, if you aren't looking for it.

Beautiful Missouri View!

The old gravel road I take, to get to my parents house (as it's shorter, than going the highway for most of the way) is a beautiful drive. It meanders through the tree covered hills of northern missouri passing only a few homes along the way. It's the deers playground, and I saw a lot of them this summer, as I traveled it's dusty miles, back and forth between my parents place and ours.

Part of the way, you can look off across a valley, watching the crops mature, and turn gold in the fall. After a few curves, you are back further in the hills, watching the deer play in the meadows, and the trees don their Fall colors.

It's the road I remember traveling up, to go raspberry picking years and years ago when I was a child. There used to be a beaver dam, in a large creek that crossed this road, and we would go watch them from time to time. It's also one I drove my Dad's big old truck into the ditch on...when he insisted I try and drive it. Guess I showed him huh! (He never did make me try and drive it again!) *giggle*

We didn't take this road a lot when I was growing up...only if we needed to go to Spickard, which wasn't real often, cause there wasn't much there. Mostly, we would go south, along a narrow blacktop road, to the next biggest town around us, but I always loved this other, less traveled road to the north.

Beautiful Missouri View!

I never really noticed this view before, that we can see as we travel back to our new home from Mom and Dad's, till we moved back here and started traveling the road more often. I love that if you look, at just the right time, you can see for miles, across the tops of the trees and the rolling hills. It's so beautiful to me!  I really love it now that the leaves are changing.  The only thing I would change, would be to bury the power lines...cause it would sure be prettier without them in it.  LOL

Yep, I do love the back roads...they have some of the prettiest views, and less people so you can stop in the middle of the road and enjoy them a little longer.  :-))

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  1. Joe likes to take the backroads too... But it's mainly because he likes to avoid the traffic. *lol*

    Beautiful pictures!


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