Saturday, November 10, 2012

Like Mother....Like Daughter

New Baby Girl!!

The above photo shows Clover when she was born...

Like Mother...

Clover and her new baby!

....Like Daughter.

 This is Clover's daughter. She looks a lot like her I think! Her daughter may look a little redder in this photo, but I think that's just my camera and a brighter day.

It would sure be interesting to see her when she grows up so we could see how close they were then...but sadly we can't keep all of them.  :-((

I thought it was neat to see them both as thought I'd share.  :-))


  1. They are a LOT alike! How fun to see them both side by side like that.

  2. YEs, they do look a lot alike. I would have thought it was the same cow. :)


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