Friday, November 09, 2012

New Kitten

New Kitten

On one of the trips to the vet we've made in the last few weeks (with Autumn) we saw they had some cats to give away. One was a really pretty calico cat which I knew my Dad would want, so instead of coming home with it, I picked out another one.

We took the calico one, and this kinda calico one home...but stopped at Dads, and he fished the prettiest one out of the box for himself. This one made friends with our cats quickly, and has been making herself at home at our farm. She's a real pest, cause she loves attention, and I think she is kinda cute. She doesn't like Yani though...but maybe she will eventually get used to her. LOL

Least now we are back to three girls and two boys. We will see how many of them make it through the Nebraska, we had trouble loosing them in the winter for sure. Hopefully these are smarter, and will stay warm in the hay.

Galen's favorate

Speaking of cats, this cat is DH's favorite. His name is Gideon, because instead of sticking his head in a bucket to lap up milk, he would reach in with his paw and dip it, then bring it to his mouth. DH took a video of him doing this late last year on YouTube...I'll try to embed it below...if I can figure out how. LOL  Sorry if I've already shared this video...what little was left of my memory got left in Nebraska I think.  *giggle*

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  1. That's not a calico at all. It's a tortie (tortoiseshell cat). I used to have one that I named "Callie", and she was super sweet! :)

    tortoiseshell cat


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