Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Toys

New Old Tractors

When DH's friend, Kirk, came for Thanksgiving, he also brought a couple more Toys Tractors for hubby to play with.  Several months ago....or a year or so ago, I mentioned he needed to get some "cute" tractor's if he is going to keep collecting them.  He and his friend have teased me about that ever since, but finally he has three of them...this friend gave him one before we moved that was in pieces, and another friend he knows online gave him the two seen above.  Hubby hopes to be able to make two working tractors out of the three.

I'm just happy that he finally got a tractor that is cuter than the F series he's been getting....and that for once his friend came driving in with what looked like intact tractors, instead of a frame of a tractor.   LOL

As much as we were happy to see Kirk...especially DH cause he wanted his new toys to play with...Peaches was the most excited.  She went running around in circles all excited that he was here.  I didn't catch her doing that in the above photo...but Kirk is watching her and laughing at her antics.  She does love him, and doesn't get to see him near as much as she used to, but when she does she lets him know how happy she is.

When she calmed down and he sat down so she could, she sat on his lap and just stared at him with love in her eyes.  It's always so funny to see...and amazing how much you can see the love she has for him just in how she looks at him.  I caught her staring at him like that several times over the next couple days while she sat on his lap.  I know she loves hubby and I...but she adores Kirk and always has. It's so cute to see the special bond they have.  :-))

As for the tractors....least DH is happy he has more now, although he would be happier if we could come up with a little money to put into fixing them up!  LOL  It may be slow since we are low on funds,  but I'm sure eventually....even if it's a few years down the road....he will have them restored!


  1. I recall seeing my dad use a tractor like the one in front. I agree, those tractors are cute. lol

  2. I can't wait to see what the tractors look like when he's finished! I think old tractors are so cool!



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