Monday, November 26, 2012

Further Proof I have lost my Mind.

Thanksgiving Pies

No...not the vast number of pies we made for our Thanksgiving feast... that's not the proof, that's just a "normal" Thanksgiving where we have a lot of people over. *giggle* Gotta have everyone's favorite pie you know!

No, the proof I've lost my mind is... that's the ONLY photo I managed to get of our Thanksgiving feast! *gasp*

*sigh* Yep...I was so busy I didn't get a photo of the table all set with the pretty china or a photo of everyone gathered around the table. I had planned on doing that, but with being so busy getting the cooking done and onto the table I totally forgot to do it, till it was all over and things were put away.

I REALLY need to figure out what I did with my memory...and find it maybe I can get back to actually remembering to grab my camera a little more often! :-))

Oh well, least I got a photo of all the pies. I remember having a ton of them like this growing up, so it was nice to see it again. The last few years I've only made two or three, which just never seemed "right", even if I did enjoy the day.  LOL

It was wonderful having a "real" thanksgiving again, with family and friends!  It was harder to get everything done, with "more" being the name of the game, not to mention using the "good" dishes...but it was nice too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend!  :-))


  1. It was all EXCELLENT.....except for the Pumpkin Pie.....

  2. Well the pies sound wonderful!

  3. You think you're bad... I FORGOT to take my camera with me to our Thanksgiving celebrations. *sigh*

    The pies look wonderful!


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