Friday, December 28, 2012

Prayer Request

Kainsley Raelyn

I'm sure most of you who have been around here awhile remember my beautiful niece Kali. She just had a baby girl today, taken c-section because the baby was in distress. Kali is fine, but the baby was taken to the big city children's hospital, because her oxygen level's were low when she was born. She was full term...just a few days early from the due date the doctor's gave not sure exactly what is wrong yet, but we'd sure love any extra prayers we could get for our newest little great-niece Kainsley.

We were up all night last night, so came home to get a couple hours sleep before heading back down to the I don't know the "latest" news yet, but just wanted to request prayers before we left again!

I'll try to update when I can...but no promises how soon I'll be able to! This is the best photo I could get of her, through the glass when she was under the heat lamp as they were working on her...but hopefully will have time to check out the rest I managed to take and update my blog soon with the latest news! 

She is a cutie pie!! :-))


  1. Prayers sent, Hon! Congratulations to the whole family! And you're right... she is absolutely adorable! Let's hope that doesn't become overshadowed by being spoiled rotten! LOL

    1. Ha Ha, I have no doubt she will be spoiled rotten...she has so many people who love her already! :-))

  2. Oh! Poor baby! I will be praying!

    And yes, she is very beautiful!


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