Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our new Little Sweetheart!

Our little niece on the road to recovery!

Our new little niece is doing better! She is so tiny, but OH so ADORABLE!! :-))

She was born the day after her Great-Grandma's birthday, I would LOVED to have had them share a birthday, but that's ok, Great-Grandma is happy with her "late" birthday present! LOL She was born at 12:51 AM, and was 4 lbs 10 oz and 18 inches long. She has dark hair like her Daddy, and blue eyes (I think). They named her Kainsley Raelyn and she is totally adorable!

Our New Great-Niece!

Kainsley was in distress, which is why they had to do a C-section. She wasn't really early, the due date was just a week away, but she was so tiny! I heard someone say she had lost some weight from the last sonogram...the cord just fell away as they pulled her out, and wasn't giving her the nourishment she should have from what I heard...they didn't have to cut it like they usually do. Not sure just why there was trouble...not sure if they will figure that out or not, but I'm just so thankful Kali had a Doctor's appointment that day, because if they hadn't discovered the baby was in distress, it would most likely not have made it much longer! Praise be to YAH for his guiding hand!

DH is thrilled that he was the first one to see Kainsley as they were wheeling her out of the OR to the nursery.  They stopped and he was even able to be the first one of the family to touch her, as he talked to the nurse for just a little bit to find out how things went.  He gently stroked her cheek, before they moved on to get her under the heat lamp and begin work on getting her more Oxygen and checking her out.

Our New Great-Niece!

This is the babies father watching the doctor work on her through the glass. She had low oxygen levels, so they decided to ship her down to the big children's hospital in Kansas city so she had the best of care.

Our New Great-Niece!

As her Mom was wheeled to her room, she got to see her baby through the glass. Not as good as holding her...but least she was alive! She was understandably upset when the baby left on the ambulance with her Daddy, and she couldn't go with her.

Our little niece on the road to recovery!

However, the next Day, the doctor let her leave the hospital early, so she could make the 2 hour trip down to see her daughter...even though she was still in early stages of recovery from the c-section...and it was probably to early for her to be out. She was sure happy to hold her baby for the first time though, and see for herself that she was doing better!

Our little niece on the road to recovery!

She may have been in pain still from the c-section, but at this moment, I doubt she cared or even really felt it. She was holding her daughter, and thats all that mattered! She is a beautiful new Mother now, with a most adorable baby! :-))

Our little niece on the road to recovery!

The Doctor down at the children's hospital said Kainsley had pulmonary hypertension which was causing the low oxygen levels. Not sure if there are any other problems.

We went down yesterday, so we could bring my brother home as he drove Kali down in her they would have it down there if they needed it, and I got to see Kainsley for a short time and touch her and talk to her. I would LOVED to have stayed longer, but it was getting late and we still had the long drive back home...and my brother (her grandpa) still had to go in and see her. I was going to have him go in first...but he wanted to be last, so DH ran in first (the meanie...usually he is a gentleman and lets me go first, but not THIS time...nope, he beat me to her, guess he is a proud Uncle! LOL) They only allow two people in at a we had to take turns. Oh well, I survived, and am just happy to have been able to see Kali holding her little sweetheart, and to have been able to get some photos and touch her myself.

Kainsley is such a little cutie...and oh SO TINY! I know newborn's always seem so small, but she sure takes the cake there! LOL

One neat thing (I thought) is that Kainsley's middle name starts with my Dad's middle name, even if it IS spelled differently.  My Dad's middle name is there is a little bit of her Great Grandpa's name, in her name.  I'm sure that wasn't planned, but it is still kinda nice to my way of thinking.  :-))

Anyway, she is doing better, and while she will still be down there for a little while, it's good to know she is out of danger, as far as everyone knows.  I am so thankful her life was spared...and we are once again blessed with another niece!  She is our little Sweetheart! :-))


  1. She is so precious! Glad to hear she's doing so much better now! Hope Mom and Baby get to make their way home together, very soon!

  2. She is really beautiful, and I am glad that her Mama finally got to hold her. I would have been crying the whole time she was gone!

    So glad she is doing better!


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