Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter reading and rambles

Nap Attack

It's turned cold here in the midwest finally! We got kinda spoiled with the warm late fall early winter weather we had, although I knew it wouldn't last forever...it was sure nice while it did! LOL

We did finally get some snow last week however, not tons but enough that it's kinda slick in spots out there...least for me, cause I seem to be able to find those slick spots way faster than hubby can. Never quite figured that out. LOL

The dogs prefer to be inside now, when they go out we don't usually have any trouble getting them back in before to long. They still love laying in the sun, especially Peaches...and hubby caught Peaches laying on the step between the office and dinning room the other day, in a sunbeam...with a toy for a pillow. It was kinda cute and funny...she has been wanting to play a lot more lately again, not sure why she had slowed down...but she is back to her regular self!

Besides the usual cooking and cleaning...thinking what to do with this or that that I still need to get put away downstairs, making cheese, butter (when I have enough cream...which still isn't as often as I'd like, but better than it was this summer!) and lotion bars  (hubby finally got my electricity in my soap room...so I'm good to go now! Yippee!!!) and anything else that comes up, I've been enjoying my Kindle the last few weeks when I have any spare time! Gotta love finally having a library card again, since the library in our local town is for the WHOLE county, not just THAT town, we made sure and got a card as soon as we could once we moved.

Now that we can get library books on a kindle...I've discovered I'm loving my kindle even more! :-)) Course that doesn't mean I can read ALL the time...but least in the winter I should be able to find something to read if I have time and want to relax! Makes me not so sad to have missed the book sale we used to go to in Nebraska every year...don't need to buy my winter reading, if I can get it for free from the library!

Needless to say, reading has kinda slowed me down on this blogging thing...haven't picked up my camera much to take photos, so haven't blogged much. Peaches has really gotten spoiled lately though with my reading.  She LOVES spending time on my lap  under a warm blanket napping, while I'm reading (that or play is all she wants to do now!  LOL).  Course she still figures come late evening it's playtime, so she will grab a toy, and if I don't play she will get back on my lap, and try to get me to...anyway she can....even if she has to sit looking at me so I can't see my kindle. Spoiled rotten she is...and she knows exactly HOW to get me to do what she wants to! *giggle*

So...if you wonder why my blogging hasn't picked up...just know it's because I learned how to get library books on my kindle now...and I decided to read instead of get on the computer!  LOL

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe out there with the holiday traveling going on...it's kind of hard to believe that a new year will soon be upon us!

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  1. Sitting their reading, with your pet on your lap, sounds wonderfully relaxing! :)



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